Podium 3.3.0

  • This release introduces a new Start page that provides a better overview and easier access to recently opened projects as well as all the projects in the main project folder. Each project is presented as a large tile that shows a screenshot of the last saved state.
  • Multiple project files can be open at the same time. Each open project is shown as a page tab in the project window. The menu items previously found under the “Project” menu is moved to the “File” menu on the Start page and the individual project pages.
  • The help system has been rewritten to show full sections loaded directly from the Podium guide document. The help sidebar will continually update to show help for whatever the mouse cursor is over.
  • The Podium UI can be translated to other languages. In this release most help sections and menus can be translated. In coming releases this will be extended so that eventually the entire Podium UI can be translated, all done by translating the single Podium guide document.
  • The Podium installer no longer installs files in the users AppData folder. Podium setup files are now by default stored in the “Zynewave Podium” subfolder in the users Documents folder. Upgrading an existing Podium installation will continue to use the old Podium.ini file in the AppData folder.
  • Added “Wallpaper image file” option to the Preferences dialog. If an image file is specified it will be used as a wallpaper on the Start page and on the pages for projects that do not have a custom wallpaper configured.
  • Added support for touch-screen scroll gestures in list boxes and various other scroll views.
  • A crash dump file (.dmp) is written to the Zynewave Podium documents folder if Podium crashes. If you email your crash dump files to Zynewave it will be a big help with bug fixes for future releases.
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