Podium Releases

Podium 3.4.2

  • Fix: Release 3.4.1 had a bug causing timing issues when sending SysEx messages to some types of MIDI interfaces.

Podium 3.4.1

  • Updated MCU control surface support. Multiple control surfaces can now be configured in a group. Removed the help mode on the control surface and moved all help info to the Podium guide.
  • Track tags can be selected using the eight global buttons on MCU compatible control surfaces.
  • Added options menu to the help panel. When the “Control Surface Help” option is selected pressing a button on the control surface will show context help.
  • Added “Detected device” fields to the Control Surfaces page in the Interfaces dialog.
  • Removed the outdated driver time stamp option from the MIDI interfaces setup.

Podium 3.4.0

The entire Podium codebase has been revised to bring it up to date with modern coding practices and standards. The 3.4.x releases will be the last to support Windows XP.

Podium 3.3.3

  • Added “Plugin Database” command to the Setup menu. This will open the plugin database on a separate project page.
  • The plugin database page has a new panel with controls for configuring and scanning plugin folders.
  • The New Project page has been redesigned. The plugin and arrangement options have been removed.
  • Added dye and center options for the project wallpaper image.
  • Added a visual separation of the recent project tiles on the Start page.

Podium 3.3.1

  • The menu commands for saving project and track templates opens a standard file dialog instead of the previous custom dialogs.
  • Track template files can be dragged from the file browser onto the tracks region.
  • Included “Save Project As” in the arrangement editor File menu.
  • Fix: Saving track templates was not working properly in the 3.3.0 release.
  • Fix: Keyboard image in notes region was not drawn properly when contrast was set to less than 100%.

Podium 3.3.0

  • This release introduces a new Start page that provides a better overview and easier access to recently opened projects as well as all the projects in the main project folder. Each project is presented as a large tile that shows a screenshot of the last saved state.
  • Multiple project files can be open at the same time. Each open project is shown as a page tab in the project window. The menu items previously found under the “Project” menu is moved to the “File” menu on the Start page and the individual project pages.
  • The help system has been rewritten to show full sections loaded directly from the Podium guide document. The help sidebar will continually update to show help for whatever the mouse cursor is over.
  • The Podium UI can be translated to other languages. In this release most help sections and menus can be translated. In coming releases this will be extended so that eventually the entire Podium UI can be translated, all done by translating the single Podium guide document.
  • The Podium installer no longer installs files in the users AppData folder. Podium setup files are now by default stored in the “Zynewave Podium” subfolder in the users Documents folder. Upgrading an existing Podium installation will continue to use the old Podium.ini file in the AppData folder.
  • Added “Wallpaper image file” option to the Preferences dialog. If an image file is specified it will be used as a wallpaper on the Start page and on the pages for projects that do not have a custom wallpaper configured.
  • Added support for touch-screen scroll gestures in list boxes and various other scroll views.
  • A crash dump file (.dmp) is written to the Zynewave Podium documents folder if Podium crashes. If you email your crash dump files to Zynewave it will be a big help with bug fixes for future releases.

Podium 3.2.7

  • Updated VST plugin loading system. Previous Podium versions could make the UI unresponsive when loading large sample-based plugins. A progress dialog is now shown when plugins and presets are being loaded. The new system also fixes some issues with NI Kontakt and Reaktor.
  • Added “Offline bounce buffer size” option to the Preferences dialog. Previous Podium versions used a fixed buffer size of 128 samples. Setting this option to a smaller value can produce smoother automation curves, but some plugins will crash if the buffer size is set too low.
  • Added “Select All on Track” to the Select menu.
  • Optimized “Convert to unique cropped copy” when applied to large sound files.
  • Fix: The effect track properties dialog did not initialize the meter mode combobox.
  • Fix: Undoing a “Merge” of sequence/sound events could result in empty events.

Podium 3.2.6

  • Changed the system Podium uses to cache images of wave files. The .mini files saved by previous Podium versions are no longer used, and can be deleted. The new system uses a central WaveformImageCache.db database file that is stored in the Podium projects folder. The cache .db file can safely be deleted, as Podium will just regenerate the database on next startup.
  • Fix: Using the split command in the arrangement editor would erase the first half of the split events (Podium 3.2.5).
  • Fix: Repeatedly muting/unmuting audio tracks could result in a crash (Podium 3.2.5).
  • Fix: Some timeline popup menus did not display the correct time (Podium x86 3.2.5).

Podium 3.2.5

  • Added ‘Metronome sound file folder’ setting to the Preferences dialog. If a folder is specified, Podium will search this folder for sound files and use those instead of the built-in metronome sound. The sound file names must end with “1.wav”, “2.wav”, “3.wav” etc. The last numbered sound file will be repeated for any beats above that number.
  • Added ‘Assign Tracks with Events at Edit Cursor’ and ‘Assign Tracks with Events in Loop Range’ to the track tag options menu (right-click a tag button in the track tag bar). These commands are helpful when you are working with a large number of tracks in your project template, and need to quickly focus on only the tracks currently playing.
  • More detailed error message is shown when trying to import incompatible x64/x86 VST plugins.
  • Added ‘Paste’ button to the zReverb editor and made the clipboard shared across all zReverb instances.
  • Fix: The Podium file browser no longer shows system/hidden directories and files.
  • Fix: Layout of some dialogs did not adjust correctly to the Windows DPI scaling setting.

Podium development is now resuming after a couple of years with slow progress. As compensation for the lack of recent updates, customers who have made purchases before August 2016 have received a one year extension to the expiration date of their upgrade period.

Podium 3.2.4

  • Added four new toolbar buttons for toggling visibility of navigator, marker, tempo and velocity regions. The buttons are not included in the default editors, but can be added with the toolbar properties dialog.
  • Added ‘Show draggable title bar’ option to Mixer and Embedded region dialogs.
  • Removed line height setting from the Event List region dialog.
  • Podium can create a PodiumDebugLog.txt file for diagnostics of ASIO drivers. Add the line “DebugLog=1” under the “[Settings]” line in Podium.ini to enable creation of the log file.
  • Fix: Solved an issue with Prodipe ASIO driver initialization.
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