Podium 3.4.5

  • The shortcut keys for opening menus now uses the Menu key (Application key) instead of the Alt key. This avoids conflicts with current and future shortcuts for edit commands.
  • Replaced the toolbar File menu buttons with dedicated Project, Arrangement, Sound and Sequence menu buttons. The key shortcut Menu+P opens the Project menu, and Menu+N opens the editor object menu.
  • Added “Save Project and Sounds” command to the Project menu. Shortcut key Ctrl+S now invokes this command instead of the “Save Project” command.
  • Changed the shortcut key for toggling Automatic Solo from Shift+Alt+S to Alt+S.
  • The Tap Tempo button in the Tempo Event Properties dialog will round to 1 decimal.
  • Fix: Cut/Copy commands for effect tracks were copying the whole track chain instead of just the single effect track.
  • Fix: Merging sound events would produce a new sound with a wrong sample rate if the interface default samplerate was different than the arrangement samplerate.

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