Podium 3.4.3

  • Added native support for FaderPort 8 and FaderPort 16 control surfaces.
  • Control surfaces have a new Tags page that allows selection and editing of track tags beyond those that can be reached with the track tag shortcut buttons. There are subpages for selecting tags and assigning tags to tracks.
  • Control surfaces have a new Setup page with subpages for Track Tags and Mackie Control. When “local tag selection” is enabled any track tag selections will not be synced with the arrangement editor track tag selection. Can be used to for example always show bus returns on a control surface group.
  • Updated the control surface chapter in the Podium guide to cover both MCU and FaderPort support. Switching between pages on a control surface will show the corresponding help page in the Podium help panel.
  • Added new commands to the track tag options menu that allow easy assignment of the tag to group of tracks with specific properties, such as soloed, muted, armed, input, source, returns, etc.
  • Fix: Crash would occur if the WaveformImageCache.db file could not be updated.

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