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They are meaningless “to me” because I see the bigger picture beyond such such implementations of features.

Let’s say you get your “time stretching”.

-Now let’s say you .pod project file is corrupted.
-Everything you did is now gone
Now you see how useful the feature is at it’s point of implementation?

Now again, you somehow recover your loss data.
-And you heavily use time stretching and get more into you project you lost a lot of time on.
-Now somehow again in the future…your .pod gets corrupted.
Yet again, your MIDI files are gone, the position of your .wav files[if they were only saved to your core .pod file that became corrupted], everything is gone.

-Frits implements tablet version of Podium.
Podium[on PC] can still crash, and the .pod file can be corrupted.

-Frits implements features for MIDI and everything “else” everyone wants.

Doesn’t matter…if backup save isn’t there before all of these “extra” features, then when your projects crash “and” become corrupted, guess who’s going to want to go postal because all of their hard work is gone? Guess I’m the only one.[Which I doubt]

Not to put the Telenator on the spotlight but he “just” learned due to file corruption, your MIDI files cease to exist. Period. There is no way to “recover” a corrupted .pod file.[or any corrupted file for that matter] So what then? Ignore the fact that no matter how many “new features” are put into Podium and without the implementation of “saving in multiple file paths” or a backup save, everyone is screwed if the file becomes corrupted? Maybe you favor those odds but I do not.

Now look at the other way around.

-Backup save is implemented.
-Then your implementation of what you and everyone else wants.
-your .pod becomes somehow corrupted.
You have both:
Another .pod file saved on another location, saved a second or 2 later than the 1st[so somehow a chain “corruption” doesn’t happen].
And a backup file you can drag and drop or double click and open in Podium[just in case if Podium doesn’t tell you your project crashed and if you want it to open you backup save].

Yes of course, I know people are skeptical about this, but either way to me[and “for me”]both features are “insurance” so you don’t have your hard work erased, taken from you, forever gone.

I meant no harm to you in just mentioning time stretching Adimatis, but it’s one of the many features I remember was asked many times before. I don’t have a personal grudge to you or any of the users here, but, I really think not for the sake of just “me”, but for everyone, backup save is a KEY feature that needs to be in Podium. And if people don’t trust that, at the very “least” a way to copy the .pod file to multiple locations. And for this feature it can be checked to be enabled, and you can add more than “2” pathways.[Example: Saving the .pod to a USB Stick, My External, and my PC’s HDD]

And I know it comes slow, but when either is implemented, the free users still have to wait for it to be beta tested, and bugs worked out and then finalized, “then” wait a few “months” for it to be released in the free version. That’s way too long.

Anyway…gotta get back to fixing all my projects. *sigh*

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