Re: Phase Invert, Sum to Mono, & Pre/Post buttons, O My!



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Have you thought about making track controls a lot more customizable? I mostly mean showing/hiding buttons individually. A simple example… you could have a track template called “audio track”, which had SMR buttons, gain and stereo pan controls, just an input selector, and additionally a phase invert button on the mixer strip.
Or a “MIDI track” template with SMR buttons, MIDI level and pan controls, input, source, and preset selectors on the track header.
I guess this would be the exact opposite of “keeping the track concept simple”, however. 😆

That sounds complicated, so no, I haven’t thought about that. 8-[

Complicated schmomplicated… I really like what thcilnnahoj is suggesting. It’s more like optional complication. You could have a new menu called Complications or something else for the techies. Unless you meant complicated to program. That I could understand.

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