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  • in reply to: Scanning of plugins is terrible #42600
    Luc Mv

    I am testing another DAW today. The name doesn’t matter. I am not promoting it.

    It does these two wonderful things:

    1) It doesn’t spend forever scanning all my plugins to build a catalogue. No. Why does every other DAW insist on that fool’s errand? It just uses the plugin folder information I provide to add a corresponding entry to the navigation menu. No scanning. Since my plugins are all neatly organized by folders and categories, it’s very easy to find the one I want.

    2) I installed the 32bit version. When I try to open a 64bit plugin, the DAW just tells me that is not allowed because it’s a 64bit plugin. It doesn’t crash.

    Now that is a good design.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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