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  • in reply to: Nucleum #20690

    @adimatis wrote:

    My way of doing it:
    1. add track
    2. click on “source” and choose Nucleum
    3. choose pencil tool from the top of the screen
    4. draw on the track
    5. double click on the drawing or choose editor from the bottom of the screen
    6. play the piano roll

    To navigate Nucleum presets, click the “E” button on the Nucleum, on the track and the interface (GUI) will appear,
    right click on the same button and choose preset.

    Yet, I would recommend to add a midi keyboard and simply use that to input notes.

    .. well blow me down with a feather .. it worked a treat, like an absolute charm, wow .. I even have a few vsti’s that had no on board option for mouse n play, now I can play around with them to my hearts delight .. brilliant stuff, thank you so much adimatis.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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