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The Telenator

Yes, that occurred to me again later. And it makes me recall the several serious issues I had with Cubase before I quit them and went to Podium and REAPER. Cubase is listed as only a bit above medium in cunsumption, too. Cubase was I think trying to kill me. Then I went to these two and it’s been smooth sailing. Go figure. . . .

Let me restate what both kim and I said before — Podium is really just an average consumer of CPU. Some of Ableton and ProTool’s stuff is rated heavier. There have been a couple of good tests done.

I will say one thing, though, in REAPER’s defense. They really are great at keeping the CPUs low with loaded VST and VSTi’s. No joke. REAPER is very efficient. I love REAPER, too, but I’m mindful that they have a few issues currently going on of their own right now, but not as important I think as what you are experiencing.

Now, if I could just pull out a few of their better features and combine them with Podium. The two work great together via ReWire or REAPER as slave. That’s the current setup.

Curious . . . do you have your sample rate and bit rates and everything all on the highest settings?

I hate to close with this, but that 1.6 is still below the safe mark. Is your chip soldered in or could you upgrade to something a little better that would fit your sockets? There are some really good deals on chips lately. I’ve been thinking of doing this — can’t afford a more powerful laptop anytime soon.

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