Because I like you and your idea 😉 and because I am all for adding some “no fancy” features, I’ll place my list here. I think Frits is working already on some new features, so I believe soon enough we’ll see something getting acomplished…

Also, my wishlist is probably going to change at one point, but the first three items I think are simply ESSENTIAL for the modern DAW. And I said it before, I LOVE Podium and what Frits does, and in a sense this is why I wish it had these features – to be just as good or better than the big boys and prove them wrong with all their dongles and bloated packages!

I am still discovering things with Podium, if some of the things bellow already exist, let me know……. Thanks!


2. MIDI EFFECTS (or at least some native form of midi arpeggiating)

3. IMPORT WAV OF ANY/ALL TYPES in a project (16/24 bits, stereo/mono, 44.1 – 96 khz, etc.) with or without conversion to the project default.

4. Multiple track selection and editing, like copy, delete, zoom, rec, mute, etc.

5. Copy/Move VST effects between tracks, in the mixer view.

6. Markers visible thru all the arrangement, as lines (just like the cursor) and possibility to create “regions”. Option for different colored markers/regions.

7. A new modern user-manual, for helping the old, the new or undecided customers.

Are these “fancy”? I believe not.

Frits, I appreciate tremendously your efforts with Podium – and Podium Free is simply a one-of-a-kind offer in the DAW world! Thank you for everything and for the work you’ve done so far, and please bring Podium up there, among the top-class, where it belongs!

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