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    The Telenator

    I’m aware that so much has been said before, and many of us have posted our hopes and desires in many threads and places, all over the forum, but, if it is not too much trouble, I would like to see each and every user who is relatively familiar with the workings of 3.1 post here fresh their personal Feature Request List. Avoiding the purely fanciful, If you think Podium should have it, please list it.

    PLEASE NOTE: #1 on your list will be your most wished-for feature addition, as if it were the only feature you could add, and then on down the numbers. How about 7 as a maximum on any list to make these lists easier to compare? List only 3, if that’s all you have in mind — that’s fine too. I’d like to see what newer users come up with also. Unless your feature(s) need a word of explanation, let’s try to merely list the item but do be specific (e.g., most everyone knows what time stretching is already). And do elaborate if your proposed feature is something uncommon or not widely or well known. And DO think it over and prioritise. I think it will be very interesting to see and compare these rankings of features.


    #1 : provide a humanize velocity function in the very same way it is possible with note positions.
    #2 : make ANY menu entry available as ( at least hardcoded ) keyboard shortcut.
    #3 : MIDI routing.


    Because I like you and your idea πŸ˜‰ and because I am all for adding some “no fancy” features, I’ll place my list here. I think Frits is working already on some new features, so I believe soon enough we’ll see something getting acomplished…

    Also, my wishlist is probably going to change at one point, but the first three items I think are simply ESSENTIAL for the modern DAW. And I said it before, I LOVE Podium and what Frits does, and in a sense this is why I wish it had these features – to be just as good or better than the big boys and prove them wrong with all their dongles and bloated packages!

    I am still discovering things with Podium, if some of the things bellow already exist, let me know……. Thanks!


    2. MIDI EFFECTS (or at least some native form of midi arpeggiating)

    3. IMPORT WAV OF ANY/ALL TYPES in a project (16/24 bits, stereo/mono, 44.1 – 96 khz, etc.) with or without conversion to the project default.

    4. Multiple track selection and editing, like copy, delete, zoom, rec, mute, etc.

    5. Copy/Move VST effects between tracks, in the mixer view.

    6. Markers visible thru all the arrangement, as lines (just like the cursor) and possibility to create “regions”. Option for different colored markers/regions.

    7. A new modern user-manual, for helping the old, the new or undecided customers.

    Are these “fancy”? I believe not.

    Frits, I appreciate tremendously your efforts with Podium – and Podium Free is simply a one-of-a-kind offer in the DAW world! Thank you for everything and for the work you’ve done so far, and please bring Podium up there, among the top-class, where it belongs!

    The Telenator

    michi, adimatis — yeah, these are precisely the features I’m expecting to see listed. I’m going to post mine as well soon enough. Keep ’em coming, folks. And don’t refrain from listing something you want just because it may be on someone else’s list. Commonality is one of the important subjects I’m looking at. By fanciful, I’m really only thinking about some of the truly bizarre requests I’ve seen in places such as the Cockos Forum, but nothing is ridiculous if it serves to make Podium a more complete and professional package.

    I’m looking to see where we are largely in agreement on various features, but also keeping an eye out for the unique or new. It ought to be rather interesting to look these over and do a little comparing in a week or two.

    Certainly, Frits is at work on some important feature now as always. The whole prep for the Windows 8 tablet situation will require an awful lot of labour in and of itself. What he may be working on today or even next week wasn’t my issue in starting this thread. Currently, I’m most interested in the ideas of the whole lot of you. I’ve looked around and so far have only seen scattered threads with a request here, a request there.

    Last for the moment, there is a lot of interest in more MIDI support — but this can mean many different things. What are your priorities within this subject? For this one and any other requests, the more voices the better I think.


    Mine are the following:

    1) MIDI support (or an apreggiator)
    2) Dithering (almost all DAWs have this)
    3) Some simple staff view

    Other then those, I’m really satisfied & happy Podium.


    Sorry Tele, this is your thread, but I will break few of the rules because I don’t intend on posting requests any more. So this is my not prioritized list, just to make it possible for others to compare their notes and needs with it:

    1. On the fly sample-rate conversion (convert samples to the sample rate of the project). Podium now fails to do it, and the result when importing samples with different SR is a totally screwed up output ( altered pitch ). The workaround is to convert files in an external audio editor -> export -> import in Podium. Not very convenient. This issue may (or may not ) cause a problem with impulse responses as well ( confirmation needed ) I am yet to achieve good results in Podium with both cab and reverb impulses – even the Bricasti M7 ones, things just sound strange.

    2. Real-time time-stretching, audition loops in the browser with the project tempo, fit their tempo upon dragging them to the timeline. Some sort of time-stretching markers on audio tracks that will allow to transform loops rhythmically, create grooves, or just correct, say, drum / vocal inconsistencies.

    3. There are so many things to be wished about the audio editor. So to keep it easy, support for an external audio editor.

    4. Mp3, flac, etc file import/export.

    5. Master Tempo automation.

    6. In-track automation. This can be midi cc parameters, vst parameters or preferably both. They are already there, but making them available in the midi editor as well right next to velocity, release etc, will be a huge workflow improvement.

    7. MIDI effects, midi track <-> audio track routing.

    8. Global MIDI CC learn.

    9. Computer keyboard as keyboard. Extremely useful for people without MIDI controllers. (They are far from affordable where I live.)

    10. Piano Roll specific – Scrub tool. A list with all available midi tracks in the project with a tick-box next to them, in order to choose which ones to be visible in the editor as ghost-notes, while working on harmony. The only way to do this now is to constantly mute, unmute as they are all visible, and in more complex tracks, the background is a total mess.
    —Some new midi note specific features; flip vertically/horizontally to name a few.
    —Scales specific for the selected MIDI clip.
    —Velocity randomizer / humanize.

    11. Improved project management. When creating a new project, a folder with the project name to be created as well, with sub-folders “Samples” , “Bounces” , “Arrangements” , and to copy the samples, loops, bounces… used in the project to their corresponding folders in the project folder, either by default, or at least to have the option to do so in the project page. Shortly put, keeping things nice and tidy, and all in one place.

    There can be a project-specific plugin database file in there as well, for different purposes – composition, recording, audio processing, mixing, post etc…

    Template files to have a different extension and better integration. Something like .temp / .template / .podtemp / .tempod etc. Now they are just like projects, interfering with the plugin database, project name, arrangements and so on…

    12. CTRL+Click / Shift+Click on tracks both in the timeline and the mixer, to select multiple tracks, and adjust Volume, Pan, size etc. with relation to one another.

    OK, I know this is more than 7, and that this list may seem unnecessarily demanding, snobbish or whatnot. But in my understanding this is a list of base and simple features that Podium needs not to be something special, but to be able to merely catch-up to an extent with the standards. Podium is my only host, so they are pretty important imo.

    About the “fancy” features, I have some in mind, but I know they will never be implemented. Let’s first have the years-old requests materialize, maybe then.

    All the best



    I don’t get a lot of time these days, either here or in Podium, so off the top of my head, I’d like to see, (I’m not sure if I want this order or not though):

    1. Global MIDI CC learn. I can’t emphasise enough how much I want easy assignment to CC for controller, well, control.
    2. Master tempo automation (with an envelope, to allow smooth transitions).
    3. Real-time time-stretching of audio, preferably with the ability to set fixed markers in audio files and then move them, to easily stretch differently between points of audio.
    4. Support for .flac and .wv (WavPack), perhaps lossy formats like .ogg and .mp3 (though I think .mp3 has licensing fees :S).
    5. MIDI routing support (in other words, have a way to direct MIDI signals as well). More or less CymaticCreation’s point 7. (This would be redundant if a modular system was put into Podium, however Frits has expressed that this is not his intended design for Podium. I still miss it however :).)
    6. A global clipboard to allow copy and paste of many more elements. Tracks, effect trees
    7. Multi-selection of tracks and other elements (what CymaticCreation said in point 12).

    8. Truly resizable GUI (fonts, activity indicators, buttons, scroll bars, etc.). I haven’t looked recently at how customisable it is, but it would be nice if a smooth size scrollbar was introduced in settings to automate the whole thing.

    Number 8 above is for two reasons: Higher resolution displays are coming, and in some cases it could make the interface too small for some users (not just a small portion either, I’m talking really hi resolution on smaller actual sized screens, for example the iPad 3), and also because I have terrible eyesight. Many people have at least some form of weaker eyesight, especially as they get older – come on science, why aren’t you fixing our eyes effectively! Glasses and headphones is a terrible combination! πŸ™ And don’t get me started on contacts…

    The Telenator

    The lists and remarks all of you are posting are great. I hope to hear from more users. It really does feel like it’s a good time to review feature requests, if only because the state of the art advances and users’ needs change over time.

    Adimatis, regarding your #7, the manual, I told Frits a short time ago that I’d be willing to do a full edit/rewrite (where needed) of the Podium Guide. I worked as an editor in print journalism for years and years, and the guide isn’t some 500-page beast in the first place (nor shall it become one). I’ve already looked it over pretty well — it does need updating but won’t be too much work. I don’t design and I don’t code, so this would be the only material contribution I could offer. I don’t need any cash for it, either, but two or three things need to happen first. I need just a little more time of steady use with Podium (really helps if you understand the text you are handling!), I’m also not in a huge rush because I know he’ll be adding some significant changes fairly soon and don’t want to edit twice in one year, and finally I have to set aside a block of time to do a proper and focused job of it. I’m thinking maybe the dog days of August when I usually take some time off, but if not then it could certainly be finished by mid-Autumn.

    He has a particular tone and style of writing and that needs to be maintained along with his terminology. Good editing is always invisible. One benefit will be that once it gets a thorough update it will be infinitely easier to keep it current in the future.

    Okay . . . more ideas/features? What are some more of the coolest or most useful features you’ve seen in other DAWs?


    OK, since all will be in one thread I can name a few others, including fancy stuff.

    First the small things:

    – Solo, Mute, Record buttons in the Inspector for the selected track/s (in case multi-track selection is implemented – ctrl/shift+click). Multi-track selection to affect “delete” as well, rather than manually delete say 15 unneeded tracks of a multitimbral instrument.
    – An additional Phase invert icon (both audio and midi tracks). Something like this – Ø – Thus reducing our plugin database with 1 πŸ™‚ and the hassle of opening the audio editor and do it there.
    – A simple duplicate function to markers, that will duplicate all child clips. If global MIDI cc learn is implemented, this can be the beginning of a new performance tool for live, or improvisational uses. Ex. Assign C1 to trigger Marker 1 up until marker 2, D1 – Trigger Marker 2 to 3, E1 – Marker 3 to 4 and so on. This can be integrated in an arranger track as well.
    – Colouring MIDI clips individually, no matter what the colour of the track is, making recognizing variations etc easier.

    * * * * * * * *

    Now the fancy stuff:

    – Expanding the Audio clip volume curves. That is – instead of the two points of Fade In and Fade Out, introduce unlimited number of volume points in between. And of course with the real-time waveform change view. This can be an awesome tool for say, transient designing.

    And finally:


    Now this will be something special that will make Podium shine in DAWland. To my knowledge there’s no host that offers such a thing, and this was bugging me for some time now.

    It will be immensely difficult I guess to start from scratch so there are few open-source tablature editors that can help the start:



    The best thing is that they offer score editing as well, and real-time conversion tab <-> score.

    On the other hand there is MuseScore – a very deep and open-source score editor.

    Taking the best of them, then complement their features, remove the unnecessary ones, maybe add new ones, and divide into two logical groups, all integrated into Podium:

    – In the MIDI editor there could be small piano icon – standing for the classic piano roll view, next to a Clef icon – the score, and finally a Tab icon – for tab view, with the specific functions and tools for each editor could be where the piano keys are located now.

    Granted the smooth workflow thus Podium will “speak” to a remarkably broader range of people with different needs for different purposes, make it more popular ( increase the sales I guess ), become so much more capable and special in of itself.
    Cathing-up with the big boys and their features is one thing (important in fact), but one must think of new things that will push the boundaries further and serve originality.

    Note: My primary instrument is the guitar, and if there are other guitarists out there ( besides Tele ) we can join forces to thoroughly test and improve this and help Frits in case he decides to implement it, since there are many subtleties to this, way too many to go in-depth now.

    All the best



    While I understand the need for all of us to write all the ideas we have, I do believe is for the best to stick to no-fancy job!

    Otherwise, what is the use? All the basic requests will be suffocated by the number of ideas we all have – so why not stick to it?

    Maybe this way we’ll end up having a realistic, useful list which can very well be very helpful to Frits. That is the good I see in it.

    All the best guys!


    i still vote for single requests tbh!
    that way Frits could compile a list with requests he does support and see fit AND then i’d still would be happy to have a poll to determine which requests are kind of common…


    Had to edit my list as I realised I would like to see a scalable GUI in Podium, one that works throughout (not just text size) and provides a simple scrollbar or point to smoothly resize the interface in settings, making the feature simple and easy to use.

    The Telenator

    I really didn’t think I’d learn as much as I have already from the posts in this thread, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more revelations ahead. I guess I ought to post my FR’s now, but first let me say that the instructions for posting were suggestions at best. If you have to post a list of 10, all fine and good. If you want to stick with just one true love, I see no problem with that, either. To employ a phrase one of my sons seems to use daily: “It’s all good.” There much we can draw from these requests. When I first came to the Zynewave Forum, I had to jump back and forth all through many threads to learn which features were on everyone’s minds. I’m beginning to see a pattern taking shape here, but I’ll put off discussing the various Feature Requests until a few more have had an opportunity to post. I can see plenty to talk about here.

    Now, my FR’s — essentially about the same as I’ve posted elsewhere:

    #1 – I need a VIRTUAL KEYBOARD very badly; could be just like the one Reaper has or most other DAWs include these days. Almost all have one and it’s a small potatoes build job. I’ll buck up for an affordable controller keyboard eventually, but for quick, convenient work, nothing beats a one-click-and-ready-to-use keys;

    #2 – It’s totally time for a good IN-HOUSE DITHERING program. Everybody else has this now also, and you really must use dithering to get to 16-bit, unless you like very unpleasant little noises in your rendered files. Set it and leave it. One less hassle for us all. RDR (sweetboys) runs 71kb, mda Dither is a mere 80kb. That’s nothing in size or complexity yet can offer the 3 most common dither formats in a tiny package;

    #3 – TIME STRETCHING. This is yet another feature that is turning up in more and more other systems and is looked upon to a large degree as a hallmark of a top-notch professional system;

    #4 – MULTIPLE TRACK EDITING. Yet another feature becoming common among the best systems; Cubase has had this feature for years now;

    #5 – MIDI IMPROVEMENTS (of course). I would very much like to see MIDI tracks have basically all the same support and options as the Audio tracks. After all, why not? I’m no EuroTrance dude or anything, but I’m liking MIDI more and more every day — truly inspires me musically. I have now auditioned a million presets and found almost every beautiful instrument and sound I could ever want. Let’s be mindful that other DAWs, like my Reaper, have some real MIDI shortcomings too. MIDI improvements take a fair amount of labour, but some improvements really need to happen sooner than later; I’ll be grateful for any and all that Frits can bring us;

    #6 – TEMPO AUTOMATION. Another one pretty common to the best systems. There are the Big Four Automations: you need the ability to automate your track level, your panning, your tempo and your effects (usually meaning the effects LEVEL but a few offer other parameter choices; I’m fine with only level of effects);

    #7 – THE INFORMATIONAL MARKERS (not talking about tempo here) could use some improvement. Take exactly what they are now and add a bright 1-pixel staff line straight down from the precise point of change, so we can easily see on any/all tracks exactly where the marked change occurs without needing to put a straight edge to the screen;

    Well, that’s the limit of 7 I suggested we adhere to, but I’ll give honourable mention to MP3, flac, acc, cda, maybe ogg file support, the addition of a good scrub tool (another sign of a top pro system), and last but not least improved clipboard for better cut, copy, paste, etc. I can certainly live without these last, but we will be leaving MP3 in the dust before too long and using better lossy, and wouldn’t you like to get your files totally ready (cda file format) for the million CDs you are going to sell? A good scrubbing tool is so helpful when doing very touchy precise editing. And talking about editing, we should be able to handle any MIDI and Audio files just as efficiently as working in MS Word.

    Okay, now I see that every one of my requests has been listed by at least two others on this thread I believe. I find this reassuring. Makes me think that I am on the right track and that my requests are very reasonable. Requests are not becoming all bizarre or very far afield. Let’s have some others list their priorities, please. . . .


    A video track, probably the only thing I am missing in Podium, so that one can create something to moving images…


    @CymaticCreation wrote:

    6. In-track automation. This can be midi cc parameters, vst parameters or preferably both. They are already there, but making them available in the midi editor as well right next to velocity, release etc, will be a huge workflow improvement.

    7. MIDI effects, midi track <-> audio track routing.

    8. Global MIDI CC learn.


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