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    @druid wrote:

    If you don’t mind me asking, Frits, was the reason you compressed the project files in the first place? Was it related to space utilisation, or were there other considerations?

    Space/speed considerations. The .pod format was conceived many years ago, when this truly was an issue. For the updated project file format, I’m considering using . I have already made some experiments with it, but I haven’t yet determined if it will be efficient enough for real-time project storage.


    Okey dokey, here’s some:
    1.Midi routing
    2.Like Adimatis said, importing of wav of all types, hell throw in FLAC while you’re at it and I’ll call you Betty.
    3.Export loop to MIDI. This way I can make quick loops out of a big MIDI sequence and save them, boom bada bing.
    4.In-track automation, but still keep the parameters below the main track.
    and this last one’s not necessary but good for the new people:
    5.An easier start page without dumbing it down. I had tried Podium years back only to shelve it for a while because I couldn’t get past the first page.
    and the bonus(AKA “me being picky”):
    6.When adding effects to a track, have the track automatically expand and contract to show the addition and subtraction of said effects. And the option to get rid of that + sign for adding effects, as right click is fine. What can I say, I’m nutty for saving space! Thanks, and good day-

    EDIT: Somewhere between 1 and 2 should be a request for “clip memory”, that is, each clip saves its visual settings: piano roll position, zoom, etc.


    I’d find it useful to be able to use more than one audio interface, for those times when recording a full band and have a couple of desks, etc. or when on location and find that one small i/f isn’t enough, but using someone else’s as well could give the necessary inputs/tracks.

    Any chance of this happening? 🙂


    A checkbox in the Beat Slice… dialogue for markers.
    ie. To slice the sound event at its timeline markers.


    Export a region as a wave file by one command. I offten need to export a separate regions of project as separate clips for radio station and I do it so:
    1) bounce a region
    2) move bounced to separate track
    3) open wave editor and select the right part of bounced file
    4) export selected region as wave file.
    It will be nice to simple select the right region of my project and click “export region as a wave file”



    one fader

    Hot Key:
    Open Fader on selected track :- “~”
    if used VSTI then :
    “Shift+~ “- Open Instrument Editor Window


    1. MIDI routing

    1. Pre-count

    2. Access to an external wave editor

    2. Bounce to mono (not only stereo) + the following options:
    Bounce to new track:
    -selected region (mono)
    -selected region (stereo)

    2. Qwerty keyboard as MIDI controller

    2. Pan knob on sends

    3. Dual pan

    Cheers, Alex


    1. Audio Time Stretch

    2. Midi FX – Vibrato & Tremolo (first mentioned +/- 6 years ago)

    3. Humanize

    4. Arpeggiator


    I would like to have direct dialing smaler numbers than +/-24 in zPitch. I only reached on time +/- 4 by accident and it was very useful.


    @ups wrote:

    I would like to have direct dialing smaler numbers than +/-24 in zPitch. I only reached on time +/- 4 by accident and it was very useful.

    Hold down the shift key while clicking/adusting the cents dial to finetune.


    @Impulslogik wrote:

    Here are some suggestions which would improve my (and others?) workflow.

    1. drag/drop audio from Browser into plugins which support drag/drop too. Like in ShortCircuit for faster mapping or Imageline Edison and Granite from New Sonic Arts for faster/easier workflow.

    2. Easier export for related audioparts with one click. To clarify my problem here is an example:

    I have a big sample database with drums, hats, snares, loops. I browse with podiums file browser through the files and drag the samples which i like into my arrangement. When i save my projekt podium doesn’t save all the samples in one directory in my project folder. I have to export all the files one by one via the editor – see workflow 😀

    All in all podium is a real powerfull daw but the WORKFLOW could be improved…

    Regards, Impulslogik…

    The Telenator

    You know, at first I used to think, Sheesh, these feature requests are so redundant.

    But then it dawned on me that many users, especially the newest ones, were not going back and studying forum threads to give a +1 to former requests. No, they were posting as if never mentioned before.

    And I saw that for some 90% of it or more, that they were all asking for the same exact things that we were.


    Percent (or time) in Windows taskbar during audio render.

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