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    • Added “Adjust Timing…” command to the edit menu. This opens a dialog with advanced quantization options. There are controls for setting grid, quantize mode, strength of start/length quantization, min/max sensitivity, randomization and swing. The Podium guide is updated with a chapter describing the dialog.
    • Timing adjustments on each event are now saved in the project. This allows you to at any time undo adjustments or redo timing adjustments based on the original recorded timing with the “calculate adjustments from original timing” option in the adjust timing dialog.
    • When events have been modified with the “quantize” or “adjust timing” commands, the edit menu shows two additional commands: “undo timing adjustments” and “commit timing adjustments”.
    • Made some layout changes to the Create New Project page.
    • Creating a new project will now create default MIDI mappings for any enabled MIDI outputs. Previously you had to use the “import hardware definition” command from the devices menu.
    • Creating a new project will set up additional mono mappings for the busses.
    • Simplified the naming convention for device mappings that are generated by creating a new project or by importing plugins.
    • Using any of the import plugin commands will only create surround mappings for the plugin if there already are other surround mappings in the project.
    • Renaming a folder containing device mappings will popup a messagebox asking whether device mappings that share the name of the folder also should be renamed.
    • Imported plugins now use the plugin filename instead of the VST reported plugin name, if the plugin name is identical to the first part of the filename. This makes it easier to distinguish the mappings for a plugin that has multiple dll files for different output configurations, such as some Native Instruments plugins.
    • Importing effect plugins that has more inputs than outputs will now by default be configured as sidechainable effects.
    • Right-clicking a global device in the inspector device list will show the “New Instance” command. This command was previously only available in the device list on the project start page.
    • Right-clicking the power button in the arrangement editor shows an option menu.
    • Shift+Click and Alt+Click can be used on the loop, punch in and punch out buttons to set loop/punch at the edit cursor position or around the current selection. Right-clicking the buttons will open an options menu.
    • Increased the font size used in stickie notes.
    • When inserting a bus send that does not yet have a matching return track, a messagebox pops up asking whether the return track should be created.
    • The New Arrangement dialog now defaults to zero audio tracks and zero bus sends.
    • The “+” buttons and unassigned selector buttons in track chain panels are drawn translucent. The “+” buttons are now also shown on the track lane headers.
    • Modified the Fader and Meter submenus. Added “After Sends”, “After Effects” and “Before Effects” shortcuts and moved the effect track list to a submenu.
    • Sound and MIDI files can be dropped below the last track lane header to create new tracks. Previously they could only be dropped on the timeline area.
    • Redesigned the website and uploaded videos about side-chaining and zReverb to the ZynewaveDotCom YouTube channel.
    • Fix: Adding child tracks to a group track that had a plugin instrument assigned would wrongly create the child track as an audio track.
    • Fix: Deleting a track would not always set focus to the next track when showing tagged tracks.
    • Fix: Some VST effect plugins that reported multi-channel support would not be imported correctly as stereo effects.

    Thank you Frits!! Very good release! I’ve been waiting for a long time to see timing options in Podium. Finally it is here. And you implemented this feature so well.


    Just renewed my upgrade period and there it is: kwon-tie-zay-shon :D/
    Been waiting for that one and it turns out to be even… well, just great!

    Thanks! Also for the other sophisticated stuff you put in 2.27!

    (yep, I’m throwing a party right now)


    @(In another thread) Zynewave wrote:

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    @MelodyMan wrote:

    I have another question. Is there a way to copy a track with just the effect rack and not the audio-events on it?

    Another method that does not involve track templates:

    Select the track you want to copy. Select “Track/Clipboard/Copy Track” (Ctrl+C). Select the destination track. Select “Track/Clipboard/Replace Effect Chain” (Ctrl+Shift+V).

    But there’s a bug (?) involved, as when you copy the effect chain to a blank track (fader-enabled by default), faders will be at two points in the chain (presuming the fader was set somehere in the pasted effect chain, as it often is).

    Fixed. Thanks.

    This works correctly when using the replace command (also with replacing an effect chain with one from a template), but not when inserting an effect chain.

    Example: create a new track (fader and meter enabled by default) -> insert an effect chain from a template (the fader and meter are very likely set post-effects in it) -> faders and meters will be set at both post and pre position.


    This looks like a tiny bug in the note editor:

    When you start to resize a note with the pencil tool or ALT-click, and then turn off snapping, you’ll be able to increase the note’s duration as expected, but you cannot shorten the note below the selected quantize value.

    Try it on a 16th note while selecting a quantize value of 1 bar. The note will first extend, then can’t be resized shorter than this one bar.

    Edit: GIF (110 KB)


    It seems copying a track to the clipboard by keyboard doesn’t work in the mixer if there’s an event selection in the arrangement…

    1. Select any event (audio, MIDI, automation, marker or tempo) in the arrangement
    2. Select a track in the mixer
    3. Press Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V
    4. Instead of the track, the event will have been pasted!

    It does work when no event is selected, and also when copying the track with the Clipboard -> Copy entry in the right-click menu.

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