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    • Fix: MIDI interface settings were not recalled when restarting Podium. This bug was caused by the update to the Podium.ini file handling in the 2.38 release.
    • Fix: The color picker in the inspector did not resize properly when the overall button size was adjusted.

    i just want to say that i really appreciate the quick bug fixes. thanks!


    Works fine here, both the midi interface settings and the input selector settings. Thanks man-


    When saving a effect chain to a template and then loading the chain again on another track a gain and pan slider of the top effect track of the chain is visible on the track where the chain is inserted. The meter and fader grid is also ‘disordered’ after inserting the chain.


    Hey… it’s been a while, but I managed to play with Podium today. I have a weird bug to report:

    When opening the inspector via shortcut keys, the scrollbars to the right of the editors disappear during the panel sliding animation, causing the UI to shift. It only happens with panel animations enabled.


    It costs me a lot catch this silly bug. Menubar autohide failed sometimes and now I know how to replicate it:

    1. Maximize Podium’s windows and turn on menubar autohide.
    2. Restore Podium’s windows
    3. Open and close (clicking twice in the same button) any menu of the taskbar
    4. Maximize podium’s windows again and autohide won’t work until you press few times autohide button


    The rug gets pulled from under your feet…

    A thread hijacked to commend LiquidProj3ct’s preset design for CableGuys – Curve (especially ‘Hypnotic Arp’). Can’t wait to use it in a track.

    Please disregard this post if I have mistaken the author’s identity.


    Yes, it was me. However I stopped upload preset and using Curve at all, because, being an exclusive beta tester that reports lots of feedback, they only gave me a simple demo version (where you cannot load presets and others annoying limitations) and they are using the beta testing as marketing: they easily can choose one or two presets for each people (lots of them now that’s a public betatesting) giving them a little discount, so people could feel tempted to use that discount and get the full synth. That’s the reason I stopped being a beta tester, i don’t like be gamed.

    I think that a better synth is Dune… and the future D16 Lush.


    Thanks for the bug reports. I’m about to release 2.40 at long last, so I’ll look at fixing these bugs for 2.41.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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