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    • Zoom snapshots can be configured to partially recall horizontal and vertical zoom settings. Each snapshot is configured independently, making it possible to for example set up a group of snapshots for timeline zooming, and another group of snapshots for vertical zooming. The snapshot button right-click menu has four new options for enabling timeline offset, timeline zoom, vertical offset and vertical zoom.
    • Zoom snapshot buttons are organized in groups according to their configured options.
    • Added “load default snapshots” and “save as default snapshots” commands to the snapshot button right-click menu. Snapshot defaults are saved in the Podium.ini setup file. New arrangements will automatically be set up with the zoom snapshot defaults, including the initial timeline and vertical zoom range.
    • The zoom snapshot “+” button right-click menu has four new shortcut commands for adding snapshots with only a single snapshot option enabled.
    • The default Podium setup is modified to include a set of six default zoom snapshots for horizontal and vertical zooming.
    • Fix: Zoom snapshots were not copied when creating copies of an arrangement.


    Thanks Frits. Great to see you back on the case 🙂



    Yes, great to see that you’re back… 🙂



    Very nice. 8)

    For those that fear they have to remake their whole setup in order to get the six default snapshots to show up – just save your current setup, restore the default one, and then load your old setup again.



    I believe I might’ve discovered the most insignificant bug in history…

    When you relocate the edit cursor by pressing the middle mouse button while the mouse cursor is placed over a note, the note highlight effect is broken.

    Behold…! 😮



    Please tell me your job is beta testing. You are so good at it, and pick so many things up, that you would be valuable to so many companies.

    I mean, if your job is music, that’s also good, of course! 😀

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