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    The Telenator

    It sounds funny to say that I’ve just come off of using a $400 piece of DAW host software to favor systems that cost so much less, but that’s my story. Greetings everyone. My first order of business after moving some 85 full and pre-mixed percussion tracks and a few short snippets into the free version will be to cut a check or pull out the plastic card. I’ll be buying REAPER as well, shortly thereafter, but there are certain features here at Zynewave that leave me incredibly impressed.


    Welcome, Telenator. I’ve seen various versions of Cubase come and go but yeah, it’s a little convoluted to say the least. Good prog but not for me! A lot of people miss out on Podium, I think, just because of the initial setup. Once you get that, then it’s fairly easy from there, to me anyways. Here’s a forum link for the pdf manual with added bookmarks and links, might make learning a little faster:
    I just looked up “Telenator”, knowing I’d heard it before somewhere…nice pickups! We used to mangle pickups and attach them to things, hit them, run the percussive sound through a Zoom multifx pedal and Tascam the results. You could get some strange sounds, oh yeah.
    Glad to have you here mate, good day!


    Welcome Telenator. Like 4mica, I too believe a lot of folk are missing out on Podium, which while missing a few key features, is perfectly usable and as you say – gracefull. IMO, it does a great job of getting out the way and allowing for creative juices to flow relatively unencumbered.



    Welcome Telenator,

    Thanks for the story.




    Whil I agree with everything you said about Podium, totally, I am not so much against Cubase… Of course this is your story and expericence, and I don’t deny that. Still, Cubase is a very very serious and deep program, and I could do with it (an LE version) things that I couldn’t do with other DAWs at that level. I like it very much, but I hate the computer resources that Steinberg are waisting for their dongle protection system… That I hate and that is why I could not think of buying that piece of software. But as a DAW, Cubase rocks!

    I wish Podium would offer the extend of possibilities that Cubase offers in MIDI department. O the Audio side, I prefer Podium to any other DAW, because of it’s very friendly interface. But for in-depth editing, there are still things that are missing. Take some from Cubase, Frits! 😉

    Anyway. For one reason or another we are all here users of Podium, and I think that is simply great! Welcome to the community!

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