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    my suggestion is simple, and maybe not what people want 🙂

    Say, all who bought podium, like me, on the 90$ “life long updates” basis, and who are missing features which can’t be implemented fast enough by a single hard working developer like Frits alone, could – of course if Frits would like the idea only! – would pay another sum.

    Say, from 45 to 90$, whatever one could spare in between (so that not all pay 5$ or so^^).
    I really like Podium, but the lack of some features (no flac support, no midi controller-support if it’s not autodetected, nice midi import like in Reaper and what not if you like to work on old songs from former hosts, for example) sometimes is a bit hard.

    And so the thought would be, if enough users would agree to pay a sum even though they run life-long versions, Frits might – like other devs do – buy stuff instead of having to implement it himself – license it like Reaper licensed the elastic audio timestretching, for example?

    I know, even if people would love the idea (I am not rich, but I’d pay another 90$ taken from gifts from my next birthday, he he^^) the problem would be WHAT to implement. Sure.

    A possible solution, if this is not nonsense from the beginning (if so, feel free to delete the thread, Frits) would be to ask the question:
    – can it be done outside of Podium?

    So a little example: if one has the unexpensive license of Reaper (many many do by now), time-stretching could at least be done there, and the resulting file could be imported back into Podium. So people could, if forced :), live without this.
    My flac-wish would be not too important too, as I can use some freeware to convert flac to wav, and import this into Podium.

    But on the other hand, midi controllers like NanoKontrol, BCR2000 and so on are a must for users who need – midi controllers.
    And there are more user-wishes around.

    So – say Frits would get a “money pool” from us users to use for getting Podium updated with much needed features, without spoiling the original idea of Podium in any way – would that be a good idea? Of course Frits would decide (goes without mentioning, normally^^) what to do with the money.

    I just add a poll. Again, if it doesn’t make sense, just delete it.

    I’d be in with 90$.


    I voted yes, but the alternative is to do what I do – I have a lifetime license, but bought a second license about 3 years ago and pay the annual $35 upgrade fee. Mind you, I didn’t base my decision on whether any particular features were added, but I do see where you’re coming from.



    @kingtubby wrote:

    I voted yes, but the alternative is to do what I do – I have a lifetime license, but bought a second license about 3 years ago and pay the annual $35 upgrade fee. Mind you, I didn’t base my decision on whether any particular features were added, but I do see where you’re coming from.


    Hi Mart, that’s of course a good idea too :). Seems my suggestion does not work as the thing I had hoped for, but I never was the great marketing man anyways. I thought about 100 people who’d like the idea would be “something” for Frits and the development.


    No problem adding some more to the $90 fee if there should be a need for it.


    I don’t like the idea of paying Frits for a specific feature but your idea is similar to what the ardour people are doing. There is list with wanted features on the website and the community can place some money on each feature. If a feature gets implemented it’s up to the users to pay their dues.

    I think this is a better solution as no one gets hurt when development somehow gets stalled and feature X can’t be implemented for the time being. It also puts no pressure on the developer and lets him decide what he’s up to next.


    Ronin’s suggestion indeed sounds like a pretty good way to do this. I guess the problem is just, as always, there are not that many people here to gather a reasonable sum without having to pay some hundred Euros each… depending on how high Frits’ resistance to this kind of “bribery” is, of course. 😉

    I’d certainly be in if this starts to gain momentum, though.

    Otherwise, there’s always the option of donating and leaving it up to Frits to decide what’s going to be next on the development schedule as usual – if you feel inclined to support Zynewave even more than you already have. I know I do. 😉


    Hi guys,

    I am the “youngest” member to post here, eventhough I am pretty sure not the youngest as age… 😉 So, excuse my very limited experience with how things are done by Zynewave (Frits that is)…

    To me, Podium is one of the greatest, if not THE greatest little app that really does change workflow for someone coming from another DAW. And is changing it in a good way – at least for me, and so I feel inclined to encourage whatever drives it to the next level.

    Right now I did not even buy a licence, as I am using the Free version, but eventually I will. And when I do that, I’d like to support the dev, but obviously also to get as much as possible for my money.

    So, I’d say the key about this issue would be to maybe increase the price to some extend, or ask for additional fees or whatever, but in the same time the margin to play with this is rather limited. THERE ARE alternatives, and even if we feel Podium is the right one for us, another new potential clients could be turn back by a higher price. That means the actual user might be ready to pay more, but new user will be less, and in the end that is pretty much the dead of a product.

    Probably the best way it’s to increase the base for new user. Yes of course is easier to say it than to do it, but I think here is were we all can help. Spreading the Gospel of Podium will attract new payments of 50 buck, which WILL allow for buying and implementing elastic audio, MIDI controller support, so on and so forth. And while we do that, Frits will continue doing the FANTASTIC job which is doing already!

    Simplistic might be what I say here, but I really believe Podium deserves to be well known, to have a much higher awarness among the musicians, recordists, studios, etc. And that will make possible to atract more new buyers which will allow more investment for future development!

    Best wishes,


    Oh yes me too, i want to pay something to someone to have something, again, but me i want to pay to had Podium saying “Hello ‘my name'” when launching it ! i want to pay !!! Fritz help me what is your paypal ?!

    No it’s not the truth, i don’t want to pay again something to someone, i did and i will did it all my life… And i don’t think that Zynewave thinked about money when he first time create the main() of Podium. I think ( and it’s only my personnal opinion ) that at the origin Podium is a product made by a passionate and not a worldwide company, this is surely why the price is so low, no employee, no R&D,… to pay every month… just the pleasure to make Podium better and better, like the creator want it to be. And personnaly, i don’t think Zynewave accept to take your money for implementing your needed feature 🙂 between work for someone for money and work for me for pleasure i prefer the second option :).


    I, like Adimatis, feel at home using Podium. For me its workflow has a directness and intimacy. Qualities which appear in this forum from time to time. Much like a family… dare I say 😳

    I believe we are all fans of Frits’ work and sure he accounts for all requests made as Podium matures. While he is agile and responsive it may have raised a dilemma.
    @Egoadsr wrote:

    … between work for someone for money and work for me for pleasure i prefer the second option :).

    Egoadsr has a realistic proposition. Perhaps Frits is like a new mother who receives so much advice he is left without the sense of being a parent?!

    After some sweeping innovations to hit Podium recently I believe it’s fair to let it settle and consolidate. At that point there could be a marketing push or mobile app developed to net more customers and fund costly features. (I voted yes to the poll question)

    A scenario which scares me is that Frits gets ambitious and repackages Podium, integrates all the bells ‘n’ whistles then sells for $$$ (big bucks). He could call it ‘Rostrum’ 8-[

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