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    EP/Album name: Infinitoria: Hidden Amongst The Stars
    Created in: Podium[Free]
    Software used: All freeware
    Genre: Symphonic Electronic Rock

    Please check it out if you have time. And if you wish lay feedback on the track as well. It took me 1 year and a bit more to finally finish the track after much learning and everything else related to music. It was tough but, I believe I made a great feat. Thanks to the community and Frits, this song was possible.

    More to come.



    It sounds good. Of course, I’d like to hear it with real guitar… but that’s just because I’m a guitar player. 😉 I’m an old dude, and it still amazes me how you can do pretty much anything with a bit of software like Podium and some plugins, and potentially make it sound just as good as a commercial release.



    Too much compression, too much
    It’s too loud



    Kostro, only thing I used compression on was the snare drum track. Everything else was EQ’ed and not compressed at all. And it being too loud is most likely your own sound levels. Make sure your audio isn’t pushed to the max.

    Sorry Kim but I don’t own a real guitar. I’m doing this all based on freeware. The thought of someone tracking real guitars crossed my mind, but then it wouldn’t be “me”. I even thought that others would criticize that it’s not a real guitar even though I used Kontakt, a guitar sample library, and impulsing. I tried as much as I could to get to the guitar sound, but I know it doesn’t compare.

    Sadly enough I thought about axing the whole “trying to get a realistic guitar sound”, and just converting the project to DnB and Dubstep. Since that seems not to hard to do and there is no “realistic instruments” involved in that overall genre. But my mentor told/taught me I should just push on and be true to myself and what I wanted it to sound like. But still thanks for your feedback on it.



    Yes, it sounds good and I really like the ending. One thing about the guitar; I think it’s a bit narrow for the whole track, so maybe the use of a chorus to make it a bit more wide could be used on some parts. To me it doesn’t matter if the guitar is a real one or not. More!



    Thanks for the feedback Slomo! Trust me, as the description on the track said: “Took a lot of guts for me to post that track”. I was very afraid of the snare drum not sounding right, and the guitars not placing a realistic sound or feel to the track. As I stated I used Kontakt[Free], Guitar Rig4[Free], and LePou’s LeCab2[free] for the impulsing for the guitars. I was told by my mentor and friend, it maybe as “close” as I can ever get using freeware to sound like a real guitar. But thanks again for your input and thanks to everyone for theirs as well. It means a lot and all I can do is take your inputs and do better with future tracks I DO have in the works!



    I enjoyed listening to your track. The arrangement was fluid. The drumming was convincing and the tune is still running in my head.
    I do agree with Slomo, that the guitar part needs thickening. Or to go in the opposite direction and further thinning through a set of band filters.
    Would you please consider adding it to the Podium SoundCloud Group? <-- That invitation is open to all 😀

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