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    Hello all,

    It’s always welcoming to hear of a fresh approach to sequencing and Podium seems to have that freshness. To cut a story short, I have been told that the new Cubase and Nuendo 4 offers the same facilities as Acid where looping is concerned, mainly the manipulation of loops as only Acid knows how but the price one pays for those sequencers, specially Nuendo, is to be thought of twice although of course they are both good sequencers in their own right. In any case I use the latest Acid Pro as my main DAW simply because of its user friendliness, well thought out looping facilities and it gets the job done just like any other sequencer out there.

    I would like to give Podium a try as it brings the friendliness I like but hope its developers give the above some thought for their future vision :-0



    Podium is great, but so far has not timestretching / looping stuff, like Acid or Reaper. I too really like that aspect, at least in Reaper – it’s been a long time since I tried the Acid (sequencer, or chemical 😛 ).

    But, I think that timestretching is on the agenda for Podium, although not for a little while yet. One man operation, and quality / stability is king (like it should be) so sometimes the fancy stuff has to wait a bit.

    Anyway, give the demo, or free version a try; i think you will like it. It’s definitely a serious piece of gear.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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