Topic: Adjusting Nucleum ‘Tuning’

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    Howdy –
    I’ve been using Podium for a little over a year now and really like it. Very well done & easy to use!
    I have several Native American Flutes that are tuned to A-432 (Verdi) tuning that I want to record.
    Lately I have been experimenting with Nucleum for some background, and I was wondering if it is possible to adjust the tuning to A-432?

    Thanks much,



    I had a look in the SynthMaker source code, and unfortunately there does not appear to be an easy way for me to change it from 440 to 442. It will require that I add some code that can handle this, and at the moment I have a lot of Podium features that I feel have a higher priority. Sorry about that.

    There are some freeware synths that support changing master tuning. For example Synth1, which has a master tune setting in its option dialog.



    Hey Frits –
    Thanks for the info. I’ll check out Synth1 this weekend.

    Keep up the good work on Podium!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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