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    I just got Viral outbreak (WusikStation based VSTi) yesterday and have been struggling since this morning to get it to produce multi layer sound.
    If I have a preset using multiple layers I can only hear layer 1. If I mute layer 1 to check, I hear nothing. The mixer in Wusik is showing that the other layers are producing audio…

    I have tried all sorts of configurations, read the manual and basically shouted at it…all to no avail. Hopefully somebody can shed some light on this and show me I am being stupid.


    I have just loaded Energy XT1.4 into Podium and loaded Viral Outbreak into that. The output from the layers is audible now.
    I would still like to get this from within Podium itself though…


    Each layer, I presume, is using a different audio output? In that case, you’ll need to set up the VST as a multiple instance plugin, and for each audio output you will need a track and to insert the appropriate instance for that plugin. I can go into more detail if you need it, but you may already know how, and first I’d better check that the plugin is using more than one stereo output. 🙂


    Each layer is using a different audio output.

    Thanks to your reply, it un-mashed my brain to think through what you were suggesting.
    I have managed to open different outputs on separate tracks, controlled via Midi on the “top” track. My setup is shown crudely below:

    Viral Outbreak output 1 & 2 (track one) Midi control
    Viral Outbreak output 3 & 4 (track two)
    Viral Outbreak output 5 & 6 (track three)
    Viral Outbreak output 7 & 8 (track four)

    Thanks for this Druid. It certainly got me through to the solution.



    That’s ok. I find it a bit of a nuisance myself (especially since I was spoiled with energyXT’s routing). I do as you did; I have one main control track which is also the first output, then have the others below it in the same group track, or was the group track itself the first output..? Anyway, something like that!

    Glad to be of help.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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