Topic: ASIO Digidesign Driver Mbox2 make Podium freeze

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    Updating to Pro Tools LE 8.0.4 there’s a new Mbox2 driver which doesn’t seem to work well with Podium. With the previous Mbox driver there was no problem at all.
    I haven’t got much to test with since migrating to Win7 x64, but so far I’ve got Xlutops Chainer to work with the new driver, and PT 😉 (not always the case)

    In Podium the “Mix” stay red and Podium freezes for a moment when pressing play and then nothing. Changing buffer size has no effect.

    “Podium audio manager status report
    Log period: 2010-08-27 15:18:45 – 2010-08-27 15:19:09

    ASIO device: ASIO Digidesign Driver Mbox2
    – Supported clock sources: internal
    – Current clock source: internal
    – Supported sample rates: 44100, 48000
    – Current sample rate: 44100
    – Input channels: 2 (11)
    – Output channels: 2 (11)
    – Input/Output latency, buffer size: 724/724, 256
    – PerformanceCounter: 2343886 Hz
    – ASIO sample types: 18, 18

    ASIO driver status:
    – ASIO sample position gaps: 3995 (-256)

    Audio stream buffer errors:
    – Output buffer skip count: 3995

    End of report”



    From the report, it seems that the driver is counting the sample position in negative direction (subtracting the buffer size instead of adding). I don’t have an Mbox2, so I can’t test this. Perhaps the driver update is flawed. How old is this driver update? Have you checked PT support forums to see if people have reported problems in other hosts?

    If this driver works in some hosts, then these hosts probably ignore the sample position counter, and just assume the sample position is incremented with the buffer size. I’m using the counter to check for buffer overflow errors.



    Yes, the Digidesign driver is definitly flawed.
    Browsing the DUC forum there seem to be a lot of problem with the 8.0.4 update (from early july) and no solution to this issue except going back to the previous 8.0.3 version until a cs-fix is released.
    The new driver is supposed to be multi-client where the former is a singel-client. Multi is always nice, the more the merrier…;)



    Solved by using ASIO4ALL instead of the Digidesign driver (8.0.4).


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