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    Hi all,

    I would like to know if it’s possible to automate, or change via midi, presets in the plugin?

    I have a situation where I have a hi and lo pass filter on a percussion section, and want to switch between them. It’s using Ohm Force’s Quad Frohmage. It doesn’t use Melohman, so I can’t use their octave to control it with notes.

    At the moment I have an awkward setup with energyXT and an audio switcher with two Quad Frohmages and switch between them, but I’m trying to work energyXT out of as many circumstances as possible, where full modularity is not really necessary (expect me to ask a few more questions in the coming days about other situations!). I looked at this situation and wondered why I needed to have two VSTs that are the same.

    So, can I automate/change presets in the timeline on a plugin?


    As long as it supports standard MIDI program change, sure!
    Go to the Param tab in the inspector, click the menu button, and select New MIDI Parameter -> Program Change. You can find it in the MIDI Parameters folder just below. Once enabled, you can draw automation points as usual (best use only bars in this case).

    If the plug-in only has internal preset management (and they don’t show up in the inspector’s Preset tab), or if you want to change presets across patch banks, you’ll probably have to create a special FXB file in which you collect all the patches used in your song.

    Hope this helps! šŸ™‚


    Oh my gosh, I didn’t look hard enough. Thanks for that! I figured it was a standard thing.


    I’m going to hurt someone… Quad Frohmage isn’t responding to program change automation, nor my midi keyboard’s program change selector, and its presets are not with the newer Melohman format as far as I know, so it looks like my only option is to automate three power buttons for each filter. Thank goodness I only need one filter instead of four per preset, or I’d be out of luck!

    I am wondering, however, why on earth a VST would not respond to midi program change. Is there any way to make the host force it, and if so, would Frits be able to implement it I wonder?

    Now that I’ve been trying to convert over previous projects and started doing music work again occasionally, I’ve run up against an awful lot of problems where I thought there would be none, from every angle (hosts, vsts, hardware, operating system, drivers). It’s a good thing I’m persistent! I’d like to start making some music without something interrupting me and killing the whole thing, for once!

    Excuse the rant. It’s not the fault of anything specific. šŸ™‚

    If anyone knows more about Quad Frohmage I’d love to hear from you. I couldn’t find much info about program changes in the documentation.

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