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    Hey everyone.

    Ok so I’ve learned if you delete the old .wav bounced files Podium no longer can save the project bounce files anymore.

    Or is it that if you delete the “MINI” files you can’t save your bounce files anymore?

    I’ve made a really good remix of “The Lucky One” a Celldweller song that was released a bit ago. Celldweller decided to release a remix comp and of course I joined in with Podium.

    Problem is during that time I’ve been learning how to perfect or at least polish[a bit] my style of mixing. So I deleted my old bounce files expecting Podium to be not “bound” to the old stems.

    To my own horror I found out that Podium was. So now I have to re-render everything in the Project and then make a song out of it. Because once I close it the horror starts all over again. I wish Podium would just create new bounce files instead of being bound to the previous ones already made. This has slowed me down and now I do not know what to do.[Or say]

    The contest closes in 9 DAYS and I doubt a implementation of a patch for the Free Version of Podium will help me solve this “we don’t detect the old bounce files so no bounce files, whether new or old, can be saved”, can be made in 9 days. I’ve tried everything to go around this “unable to save Track 1 bounce .wav” and I’m out of options and time is running out fast.[and my patience is about dry too]

    I don’t know who will see this 1st or if Zynewave will make an effort to correct my problem but I doubt within 9 days this can be fixed. Because since I deleted the old files, new bounce files cannot be saved. So this is saddening and very frustrating. There’s no way to get back the old files because they are completely gone. I just wish there was a “overwrite” feature for bounce files, or “new files have been created, continue?” feature but it’s not.

    Well best of luck to me in 9 days to manage to get this remix out while re-rendering “constantly”… 🙁 [because I don’t plan on keeping Podium “open” 24/7]


    I’m a little confused. With a project where I have “bounces” (which in my case are midi tracks that have just been bounced over the top – I am assuming this is the same for you, whether it be midi or audio tracks) I can disable playback of bounced audio. Then, in the menus, I have a choice to render, or playback bounced audio. Until I found that, I was having problems NOT re-rendering it.

    Is your problem not solved by these menu options?

    Could you give a step by step description of everything you are doing to end at the problem you are having?


    For those that are confused I will clarify:

    Make a project. (any will do)
    Make some random notes or whatever.
    Bounce the track.
    Save and close Podium
    Now go into your “Zynewave folder” where the .wavs are “saved”
    Whatever you named the arrangement folder, delete this folder.(or in my case delete all of the files in the folder.)
    Go BACK to the arrangement
    Unbounce the now “flat bounced” track and change the notes within the track.(doesn’t matter how)
    Re-bounce the track.
    Try to save the new bounce(and newly customized) track
    Podium will say “track 1 bounce could not be saved”

    Because you have deleted the tracks or information bound to the track.

    I was unaware of this horrid feature and now I cannot save my bounce files at all because I have deleted my old bounce files. Thinking Podium would just save new bounce files, it did NOT. The old .wav files took up a lot of GB and I found new snyths and sounds to incorporate into my remix so I deleted my old bounce files. The feature only prolongs the mixing time I have to spend in each project IF I deleted my old bounce files.(and trust me since I’ve discovered a better way to make music I’ve deleted all my old .wav content so I’m literally in a big mess here+ the Zynewave folder in “My Documents took up already 8+GB of space from .wavs ALONE) Which means I have tweaked the new tracks but since I have deleted old data that was bound to their respective projects I cannot save the new bounce (tweaked) files.(because the old ones have been deleted)

    I hope that clears up any confusion. But it’s still won’t help me in (now) 8 days. 🙁


    This is not a fix but maybe worth a try: I guess Podium uses a bounce file per track. Which means that this file is overwritten when you bounce a track.
    Since you deleted these files. Podium is unable to bounce. I’m guessing here but Podium probably doesn’t care about the size of the file. You could try to create empty wav files with the correct format. Create a test project and try to find out which names Podium utilizes for bounce files and which wav format is used (probably 44100kHz@32Bit). Then recreate or copy these files to your broken project.
    Frits is surely able to come up with a fix or a better solution 🙂


    I’ll spare you the long explanation this time and just tell you the resolution to this problem (hopefully!) 😉

    When you open the project, you should see all of those non-existant WAV files are still being linked to by the project, but they appear with a red icon because they couldn’t be found. Podium doesn’t automatically remove missing files from a project because what would happen if you just moved them somewhere else or renamed them? You’d lose all information on where segments from an audio file are used in your arrangements, all fade curves and gain adjustments. Or in the case of bounce files, Podium would lose knowledge of which file belongs to which bounce track.

    In your case, since the files are lost (and no longer needed anyway, as far as I understand), you just have to cut the link between each bounce track and bounce WAV file. This is easily done by selecting all those audio files marked red and removing them from the project. Once the links are cut, you can re-render all bounce tracks and new files will be created.

    Here’s a quick video showing how it works (with just one file): (please watch in 720 or 1080 resolution to see what’s going on).

    I really hope this helps, and I hope you can finish your remix in time! 🙂

    By the way, why did you delete the old bounce files in the first place? If you just render a new bounce, the file will be overwritten anyway…?

    Also, those .mini files are only used to store the waveform “picture” so to speak. That way the audio files don’t have to be analyzed again every time you open an arrangement!


    Thanks thcilnnahoj and everyone who tried.

    thcilnnahoj’s video and explaination was on the mark and fixed my problem. Now all of my tracks can have new bounce files. Thanks everyone and I will be proud to represent Podium in this remix competition. 🙂

    Time to show the world what I can do. After I master this track. Ugh I hate mastering. 😆

    Oh and the reason I deleted the old files thcilnnahoj is because they took up a lot of HDD space and now I use Native Instruments. Which to me is like 4 freeware plugins in one. I still have some of the unique freeware plugins but I’m Native Instruments driven now.

    Thanks again! 🙂 (I had hoped someone knew because I tried REAPER and that program is just….fucked up. The controls are light years away from “user friendly”. Podium I love and using Reaper pissed me off lol! I was just using Reaper to jot down some ideas and see how they sound for the remix. )


    I don’t want to belabour the point, but about the size of the bounces… I can understand if you compressed four tracks that had freeware plugins down to one, and therefore you only had one bounce instead of four, but if you just replaced the instrument on the track, and the bounce was the same length, then it would be the same size.

    This would make sense if you had 64 tracks, and it was cut down to 16. Is that what you’re talking about?

    Also, unless your song has 100 tracks or lasts for 20 minutes or something like that, I’m a little surprised space would be such an issue. If you do have really low HDD space, it’s not good to be using it for anything but storage!

    Anyway, just trying to clarify. Nothing wrong with what you did of course! I am just surprised you needed to delete the way you did. This thread has taught me more about Podium too. And I’m glad your problem was resolved!



    I have a 80GB HDD in a premade PC. COMPAQ Presario SR1610NX. As of right now I have Windows XP SP3 and 20 measly GB left. I have a 160GB HDD but it has a 3Gb/s and if I did my research right, that format is NOT comaptible with my O.S. or system.

    I recently acquired all of the parts for my studio PC build but sadly my older brother forgot to mention that his copy of Windows Vista Ultimate is in use so the product key I cannot use. Nor will I get a cracked copy of a Windows O.S. either. (and please don’t start some topic saying Vista sucks, we all know it does and I just want a working Windows PC and can do music better on…)

    For your concern about size that explains one with the HDD space I have. (sorry I’m not that fortunate to go out and buy a O.S. HDD and a storage one right now) My current(sad) setup is the Compaq with one HDD drive and the only outside storage I have is blank DVD’s and 2 SD cards.(one 2GB and one is 1GB)

    Ok to this last point:

    String Theory
    String Theory
    Rez 2.0
    Rogue= one unique sound

    Native Instruments “Kore Player” with one preset tweaked= 4 freeware plugins in one.

    Do you understand now?

    It saves me space and less rendering and less HDD space being taken up. Plus it give me more of a unique sound than 4 freeware plugins stacked up.

    At least that’s what I’ve discovered for my style of mixing. And even if I was fortunate enough to have a somewhat decked out PC, I would still want to save space.

    Hope that clears things up again for you. Now I have to get back to my remix.


    I also delete my wavs after finishing a project, except if I’m using hardware synths/fx. Fortunately you could solve it 🙂

    Good look for your contest!! (if you get rich & famous, remember me! :P)


    Ah I see. Couldn’t you have bounced those 4 VSTs into one bounce, rather than 4? Of course, less VSTs is better too! But I was thinking of grouping (which means you couldn’t assign MIDI inputs to sub-tracks currently, unfortunately).

    Your 160gb drive is highly unlikely going to reach that rating, but I presume you mean it’s SATA, and perhaps your current system only supports PATA, or IDE? If that’s the case, short of buying connectors, sadly you will be stuck with what you have (unless you buy another HDD). But I’m sure you’ve got stuff sorted out for now. I was only curious, and I appreciate you sating my curiosity!


    (if you get rich & famous, remember me! )

    I won’t. I’d be like: Who is this Liquid guy? And of course I would then scream out spaztically- SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE! 😆 But yeah I’d remember you. 😛

    Ah I see. Couldn’t you have bounced those 4 VSTs into one bounce, rather than 4? Of course, less VSTs is better too!

    I’d rather bounce one VST that sounds like 4. And hell yes, less tracks is better hehe… 😀

    Your 160gb drive is highly unlikely going to reach that rating, but I presume you mean it’s SATA, and perhaps your current system only supports PATA, or IDE?

    Yes sadly this system only supports PATA and IDE. It has 2 SATA ports on the motherboard but I tried them and Windows XP doesn’t recognize them but states there is a storage drive present. Of course I did my research and SATA was mostly during the era of Vista. I did however somehow had XP recognize the SATA drive when I was building my studio PC but maybe because the SATA drive has 3Gb/s connection vs on this Compaq motherboard which I believe is a incompatible Gb/s format.[or lower format]

    Although I really wish I had a extra XP serial key. 🙁 I really want my studio PC up and running…but the 30day thing just worries me…oh well hopefully with this upcoming job I’m getting I can just buy a new Windows XP and finally finish my setup.


    XP OEM is cheap, and you can just buy an HDD with it, or some other “required” hardware for a system, depending on how particular the store is. A few years ago, I could’ve bought an OEM copy of Windows with a $3 mouse, but Microsoft got stricter.

    Newer SATA drives are backwards compatible with older standards. The way you’ve described it sounds to me like either a driver issue where you don’t have quite the right ones, or you were trying to install Windows XP on a SATA drive, which can cause issues if not done very particularly.

    Anyway good luck getting all your stuff together. Glad to hear you have no interest in pirating Windows; it’s great to see another person out there not willing to do this!

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