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    In FL Studio FLS internal render additions like Resampling, HQ Envelopes etc. are Fruity only…

    For every non native plugin you can choose in it´s options (for each plugin seperate and state is saved) if you want to inform the plugin about offline rendering or not…

    Thanks Trancit. However I’m confused because Sytrus (VST version) has settings for real time and for rendering time.

    Real time settings are used as long as the plugin “believes” you are play it “normal” e.g. triggered by keyboard or sequencer…

    Rendering settings are only used, if the plugin is informed by the host, that you do offline rendering/bouncing…

    So if you set oversampling to 48x in the render settings and 1x in realtime, it does the oversampling only if the host informs Sytrus, that you now bounce the song/part in offline mode.

    Hope this helps



    Just confirming that i have troubles with offline rendering too. Hadn’t experienced this before. Using 2.39 now, but i don’t know which update caused the trouble. My problem is that the beginning of a vocal track falls away every time. Realtime-rendering fixes this.


    2.40 beta1 is available with fixes for rendering latency-compensated plugins. Please post your test results in the 2.40 preview topic in the future forum. Sorry it took so long. I had started on some code restructuring that I needed to finish before I could make a release build.


    Thanks!!!! I’ll take a look in few hours when I go back home! 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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