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    I can understand those thought talking about new features and sometimes I can understand them when talking about workflow problems. But I have a hard time understanding them when talking about bugs. I doesn’t matter if you take a 2 hour or 2 weeks rest because the bugs bug you 😛


    @ninjawarrior wrote:

    Gol is one man developer too. In 12 years of FL development vs podium 20 years development, FL has like 100 more features. Orion is too one man team, same mulabs. That isn’t real excuse.

    This is in main parts wrong. Orion isn’t only developed by one man now, and aside of that there were years without audio in Orion. The toxic synth wasn’t made by Rich, and so on, it was bought from another developer and built upon that, as far as I know.
    Then consider the price. I bought Orion, even if it is not expensive now, in version 3 for 299 Euro. (far cheaper it is in parts today due to sales going down and a forum that some of us users really saw as one of the worst in the whole internet-world, with one or two powerusers and at the same time fragile-ego-trolls answering every criticism like yours above – as if they wanted to eat you over a fire 👿 )
    I paid upgrades for, if i remember right, Orion5, maybe 6, then 7 and soon I am kindly asked to pay for Orion8. Adds to some 450-500 Euro for old time users of Orion who started with v3.
    You simply cannot compare FL Studio too, if you are honest…

    I am not saying you would have to be happy with everything Podium offers, for example I would long for just using each and every Nanokontrol or Kore2 as midi controller inside Podium, would make my day… But it isn’t possible to achieve what various of us wish for Frits. That’s how it is.

    Alternative would be we all paid as much as for other hosts, so that Frits would be able – if he wanted to! – to license stuff or to add one or two men and women to creating Podium.

    In fact there is stiff competition, and I think Frits does a highly remarkable job, being extremely userfriendly at the same time.


    It seems that everyone has more baskets (DAW) then eggs (Music).
    From the very first Performer on my Mac SE to now I never found the perfect software but it will never be. I grow, the Thing grows too but not with me….

    I like Podium but it lacks some of my main working flow tools, big time.
    I will be in touch with this developer as much as I can in order to push my agenda but that’s the best I can do.
    I can not DEMAND anything, I am not an investor and shareholder but a customers that agreed upon buying the product and the rules of the game.

    I still use MuLab for the unbeatable work flow in the piano roll and the infinite shortcut single key to every single command.

    Orion is own by a “deft” skillful developer guarded by a bunch of pit bulls still lighting the fire with stones.

    EnergyXt is driven by testosterone and rarely by the user feedback.

    Fl…. never mind

    Reaper it begins to look more like an orgy of feature hardly under a coherent vision.

    We can go on for every single software out there.

    I hope Podium will implement what I need but until then, instead of wasting energy in complaining, I will use my best tool available for my music passion (MuLab) and see how far I can manage with Podium because it has a superb interface and some very cool tools that I love to have under my hood.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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