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    Andy Forber

    So, here I am again in a desperate plea for help.

    I downloaded 3.3.3 and it was running well for the first session. I then tried to right click a project panel and it froze so I had to force quit. Now, I cannot open any of the versions mentioned above. You can see the splash screen but after a while, 1 of 2 things happen: “This program is not responding” message or very briefly, the last project I was working on opens up for a split second and then it shuts down.

    Steps to try and remedy:
    Reinstall (x86 and x64)
    Remove VST folder in case it was having trouble loading
    Install earlier versions
    Update relevant drivers (chipset/HDD/audio interface etc)
    Increased vram
    Windows Update
    Disable AV

    It’s worth noting that I still have the free version installed and it’s working fine. I also have the crash file.
    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Andy Forber

    Okay, typically the next thing I try after making the post kinda resolves the issue.

    I’ve removed the Projects folder and reloaded 3.3.2 and it opened up straight away. I put the folder back and was able to work on a track. Close and reopen Podium with the projects folder still in place and the issue remains.

    Do I have a corrupt .pod file? Would it be 0kb? Going nuts over here…


    It could be a corrupt .pod file. Did you have a crash when saving a project file?

    Ideally Podium should be able to detect and recover from a corrupt .pod file instead of just freezing. Please email the crash file to me.

    The reason Podium freezes when booting must be because it tries to load the problematic project file. You can recover from this by opening the Podium.ini file in a text editor (with Podium closed) and remove the [OpenProjects] block.

    Andy Forber

    Hi Frits,

    I can’t seem to find your email so I’ve uploaded the files here:

    I’ve tried a few things since your message:

    Removed the OpenProjects block and Podium opens fine now, however, It either takes around 4 minutes to open two specific projects, or crashes. Other projects open fine.

    I’ve ruled out plugins. Other projects open right away with the same plugin setup.

    The only difference I can see really is these two main projects have around 13 songs each within them. Not sure if this is how was intended to be used, but I use a Project almost like an album, then Arrangements as each song.

    Hope this helps you. I think in the meantime, I’m going to split my projects in half and see where we get.

    Thanks again.


    Thanks for the crash file. The crash happens in the code for the mixer region, specifically on a track with an audio input that is armed for recording. It tries to display the meter before the engine is up and running. I’ll get that fixed.

    The idea behind the support for having multiple arrangements in a project was indeed to enable making an entire album of songs in one project. It works fine for MIDI based arrangements. If you have a lot of audio tracks then the amount of wave files loaded can take up a lot of RAM. The actual wave files are streamed but Podium loads the miniature wave images into memory and that can add up as well. I intend to do a revision of the audio streaming support in Podium at some point and optimization of RAM usage will be a priority.

    Andy Forber

    Thanks for the update.

    It looks like that’s exactly my problem. I have, I’d guess 15-20 tracks per arrangement, full of WAV files. Splitting the projects into two and I have no more issues 👐

    If there’s any more testing I can do for you, let me know and thanks again for the help.

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