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    ken jacobs

    New and trying to learn this product. I recorded a song clip, me singing and playing a guitar. Would like to use the effects that came with Podium free and do some EQ on the track. Have spent HOURs trying to figure out where they’re at and how to access them. Something so simple in any other editor I’ve used, but not in Podium. Help!


    ken jacobs

    I have a Vst folder, with a zynewave effects folder inside of that. It contains several effects, but they do not show on the inspector drop down when I try to access it when the program is open.
    Add: I have found them in the program, at the very bottom of a menu in inspector. But when I click on them they do nothing. I drag onto a track, and so far nothing. No control panel appears for the device. Supposed to be device panel somewhere. The guide tells me this, but NOT how to access it. The guide never gives precise access instructions on anything. It tells you to access the device panel. HOW?

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    Grzegorz Kawka


    First of all go to SETUP–>Preferences–>(tab)Plugins. Add all folders that inludes all the plugins you want to use. This is a one time procedure.

    Then the tricky part:

    If you’re a Podium full user then open your project, go FILE–>Close arrangement and you’ll see a to panel window – CONTENT and DEVICES. Choose DEVICES–>Rebuild and load plugin database, wait until it ends the read process. In CONTENT panel double click your project. Voila

    If you’re a Podium free user than open your project and you’ll see two tabs with it.
    First is the CONTENT and DEVICES. Do the similar steps. And in this case I will recommend you to restart the program and load the project once again with all the plugins uploaded in previous steps.

    You have to remember to update your plugin database after adding some new ones. That also means for old projects if you’re changing you plugins arsenal. If you have exchanged practically all of them then rebuild and re-work old projects. But that is understandable and I’m just reminding the fact.

    Let’s hope this helpes.


    Grzegorz Kawka

    And I forgot to mention:

    If you want to use effects in the project simply click on tracks “+” bar.
    Now from that menu you can choose whatever effect (only!) you want.

    If you want to add a new virtual instrument (only!) then choose SOURCE bar.

    Cheers again!


    ken jacobs

    Thanx, your response helped, a little hard to figure things out when the terminology is all new. I dabbled in recording 15 years ago, so almost like starting from scratch. Had probs with my interface, got them straightened out, and figured out how to record and use the effects, or at least get them on the track and working, need to study on how to use the parameters. I must say, after the initial frustration I am becoming very pleased with Podium, noise and pop free compared to the old software I used to use. And I am appreciating more it’s organization, like any software there is a learning curve, for sure.

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