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    My Tascam quit working so I’ve borrowed a Presonus Inspire. How do I get the audio mappings into an exising project. I have gone through the project wizard to get podium to recognize the new audio, but I can’t select them.

    If I set up a new project they show up as they should.



    Before this, make a backup of your project.

    If you delete the audio output mappings for your old soundcard, then the ‘create audio output mappings’ button will appear in the project wizard. Using this command will also create a new ‘Audio Parameters’ device definition folder. You can either delete this new folder or your old audio parameters folder. If you delete the old one, any level, pan and send parameters assigned to tracks will disappear. If you delete the new audio parameters folder, you need to select the old definition in the audio mapping properties.


    Perfect…. Thanks for the quick reply…

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