Topic: "Could not start streaming audio" error again.

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    I don’t know if this is by design or an oversight, but if my soundcard (Tascam FW-1884) is set to any other sampling rate besides 44.1 kHz, Podium reports that it can’t start the streaming. I checked thoroughly and my soundcard is not set to be “locked” at that rate, in other words, it can be changed by software (I also tried opening another sequencer and changing the sampling rates around programmatically, no problems).

    Just something to bring to your attention, it’s really no big problem for me to make sure I’m at 44.1 before starting Podium!



    Is this just during startup, or are you saying that you cannot change the sample rate in Podium?

    The default sample rate set in the interfaces dialog is the sample rate that Podium will initialize the soundcard with during startup. Whenever you activate monitoring of an arrangement that uses a different samplerate, then the soundcard will be reinitialized with this.


    This is during startup. It can also happen while in the program, if you’re in the Audio setup page, and you change the drivers around, if you try to change back to the ASIO driver, Podium can’t start the streaming unless the Tascam’s sampling clock is set to the one Podium is set to.

    Sometimes my clock is set to other sample rates when using other programs or whatever. I’m saying I think Podium should first attempt to programatically change the sound card’s clock rate to the one it wants, THEN try to start up the streaming. Why I’m saying this is because in other sequencers, it doesn’t matter what I have my sound card’s clock set to, the sequencer will set it to 44.1 (or whatever rate I left it at last) and then fire up the ASIO drivers, and no error message.

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