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    T X

    Installed Podium Free on laptop and my music computer (both with Win7). Looking at online tutorial as soon as you hit ‘create a project’, up comes a view of tracks, transport buttons etc etc all the stuff you might expect to see in a DAW. I believe this is the ‘Arrangement Editor’? In laptop and music computer I get tabs for projects but all they display underneath is boxes listing or describing various elements. Can’t find any view of DAW as we might expect.

    Tried ‘Restore default setup’ and ‘Restore default editor profiles’ but no change. Thrashed into ‘Editor profiles’ and you can get through to adding all the items I expect to see. Added them madly but all I got to display was some Mixer elements appearing. Not the full thing.

    Been using Reaper for some years. That’s mysterious at first but at least it starts up looking like a DAW! Where is the magic mystery lever that brings Podium to life????? Help!

    ps Exactly what is an ‘Arrangement’ in the world of Podium? No help for these basics in the manual.



    Do you have a screen shot you can share?


    T X

    Hi, Many thanks for replying. I see there don’t seem to be any arrangements to upload a pic to here, can only put in links…. thus I need to read up on linking and get a photobucket account or some such. Can do, maybe later over the weekend.


    T X

    Here’s a link to a screenshot

    or in text form:

    That’s what I get on both my laptop and music computer immediately when I create a project. Can’t find any way to get transport controls, view of tracks etc etc – all the usual DAW things.



    That’s the Project Start Page. The box elements contain:

    • Browser & Inspector tabs, with Project tab on the right. Contents of the Project tab are as follows (counter-clockwise from top left):
    • Project file disk location.
    • History of projects list.
    • Project related documents (arrangements, pointers to soundfiles).
    • Device list (hardware and VST definitions).

    Use the dropdown menu on the Contents (Project related documents) to create an arrangement. Double-click the arrangement to open a new tab with familiar sequencer elements. In fact, you’ve already done this and named it ‘TEST 1 ON SAT18THNov2017’.

    An Project can store any number of arrangements. This is useful for many reasons. Some reasons include:

    • Maintaining iterations of the project. This allows you to make different mixes, go back to a previous session to branch off in another creative direction, etc.
    • A project can be though of as an album, where each Arrangement is an album track.
    • A template project may have numerous Arrangements, set up by you, for convenience. If you work between different studios then the arrangements may be tailored for those unique environments.

      If you have the Podium Guide then this section will elaborate on the Project Start Page:
      file:///C:/Program Files/Zynewave/Podium/Guide/podium-guide.html#h.nh00mrrfg2lb
      (Section 2.5)
      (The Guide can also be accessed from within Podium — Help > Podium Guide)



    Thanks for the screen shot. Just click on the little yellow square button at the top right, directly below where it says ‘Podium Free’. You should see something like this:


    Double click on the arrangement, as highlighted in the image.

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    T X

    Marvellous!!! It works! Thank you both very much indeed. This is the magic mystery lever. Now we can start. You two could write the Real Manual – gets us out of the places the other manual never mentions….

    Meanwhile slightly disconcerted when the output channels were displayed as ADAT 15+6 when actually my stereo out is 15+16 but then I found it was actually using 15 & 16 so some kind of display quirk we guess.

    Win 7 on my music computer is doing pain in the neck stuff with admin login running Podium fine but user login having problems getting the transport etc to show up but that’s just the usual Permissions/Ownership runaround.

    Many thanks again.

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