Topic: Crossfades not applied after sound event merge

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    The problem I describe concerns projects with audio events only.
    The internal file format is 32-bit. The OS is Windows 7 32-bit.
    The sound interface is RME Multiface II. All sound files used
    were also recorded on this computer and with Podium 3.3.3 and
    in the same projects.

    I edit takes in a component track with several child tracks to
    create one single sound event for the component track. During
    editing I create various types of fades in and out (-12dB and
    -20dB) to remove background noise, crossfades where sound events
    overlap (mostly -3dB and linear) and move the duplicates on the
    component track along the timeline. Then I mark all of them and
    execute a merge.

    The resulting sound event does not contain the fades and
    crossfades. The clicking noises are visible in the sound event and
    show that two sound events are only concatenated, with the
    subsequent sound event beginning abruptly.

    This 113MB (one-hundred-and-thirteen Megabyte) video shows the
    effect with several undos and redos. The beginning is blurred and
    it was recorded with an old mobile phone:

    What can I do? Settings?

    Any help is highly appreciated!


    Hi rudesasa. Sorry for the late response. The merge edit action does not take any event fades into consideration. You should do a bounce render of the (group) track where you have your crossfades. The bounce will capture the audio as it is mixed on the track. Afterwards you can use the “Bounce/Export Bounced Audio to Sound File…” menu command if you want to process it in another app.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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