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    I think it makes a sequencer package look really pro when it includes definitions for hardware synths…even though everybody’s gone softsynth, a number of pros hang on to certain classic hardware (for obvious reasons) and acquire new hardware for reasons such as live performance (a lot guys would rather be playing keyboards instead of laptops), sound quality you can’t get in a softsynth yet (such as an Access Virus TI), etc.

    To that end, unless it’s going to increase the installer size significantly, I’d like to see the device definitions included in the installer. A new user wants to import a device definition for one of their hardware synths, boom there’s an impressive list right there already included.

    I know there’s the issue of the value of having them here, that way they’re always the updated plugins available on site. What about this: I notice this board runs on phpBB2. There’s a module you can install that enables RSS feeds for all the threads. There could be something like an “Update Definitions” button somewhere, and Podium will connect to this site, read the RSS feed, and automatically pull down any definitions that have been updated. This might also be a good way to get NEW definitions, a list could show up in Podium with all the definitions, and you could click check marks beside the ones you want.

    File this under LOW PRIORITY obviously hahah.


    That may be a bit ambitious with the online connect and RSS feed and what not. There certainly need to be a lot more Podium users before this is worth doing. Are you saying that it is a nuisance to have to download both the installer and the two zipped device definition files from the VIP download topic? If so, I could make each Podium release available in two installers. One with the definition files and one without. When there are more example projects added, then these could also be stripped from the ‘minimal’ installer. I believe Tracktion uses this approach.


    No not a nuisance at all. I’m always thinking about ways for Podium to “look” good so it was just a way to see a lot of defintions in the list. Yeah, maybe think about it when the user base starts getting huge.

    I think having two seperate installers could be more trouble than it’s worth…the main consideration actually is YOUR bandwidth: if you’d save some money offering a minimal version for existing users to reduce bandwidth costs, then by all means.

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