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    I spotted a potential enhancement for Drum Maps. Currently, moving note sequence events between lanes does not preserve their Drum Maps. The following describes one such scenario:

    1. I loaded a multi-sampler plugin on a track and wrote a note sequence.
    2. Enabled Drum Map Mode.
    3. Delimited the keyrange to match regions in the multi-sampler.
      • For visual clarity, I’d like to work with numerous tracks; each playing a region in my multi-sampler patch.
    4. Convert the plugin track to a group track.
    5. Create some child tracks.
      • These default as audio tracks.
    6. I clone note sequences from the parent track.
      • The Drum Map configuration from the original is not transferred.
      • The import/export note map seems a tedious extra step.
      • Cloning a child track, which has had its Drum Map set, does preserve the note map.

    I’ve formatted in bold the niggles. They’re only minor πŸ™‚

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