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    Eugene Faust

    Every so often, when I’ve almost completed a new arrangement, Podium will continue playback past where the music data ends on a given song. It can be really frustrating – particularly when I’m trying to make final touches to the master bounce file in Audacity, since there will often be a lot of silence attached to where the track is supposed to end. I’ve not been able to find anything in the Podium guide that addresses this, so I thought I’d ask the support forum.

    Is there a way to establish a fixed ending to a whole arrangement?
    If not, is there something that might make Podium think there is extra data for playback?


    The most easy way to bounce a part of a track (or an arrangement) is to use the punch range. Set the punch in at the start and the punch out at the end (“where the track is supposed to end”) and press Alt+B in the Master track. Now select Export as sound file from the File menu.
    Always delete the old bounce clip in the Master track before bounce again with Alt+B.

    Alternatively, you can bounce the whole arrangement (pressing B) and then select only the part you want to export.
    – Right click on the Bounce slot in the Master track and deselect Hide track lane.
    – Double click on the bounce clip to open the audio editor.
    – Select the part to export and choose Export selection as sound file.


    … is there something that might make Podium think there is extra data for playback?

    Podium may be rendering ’til the case when, a)there are no more timeline events, b)the ‘tail’ falls below a certain threshold. The ‘tail’ could be signal level remaining after a reverb or delay, for example. The threshold which Podium considers a signal level the user wishes not be discarded could be -infinite dB (silence). The faders on tracks go to -48dB, next stop silence, so that may be the level for gating the render. Some processes may take a long time for signal to decay to that level.

    MLS’ advice ensures the render is trimmed to the desired time range.

    Eugene Faust

    I tried using punch ranges and range selection to export a trimmed bounce file, in multiple different ways, and it still would export the bounce with a long tail of silence. It doesn’t do this on every arrangement, but on the arrangements where this happens it is completely persistent.

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