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    Hi Frits,

    As discussed in this two years old topic :
    it is always very difficult to do audio montage without the possibility to rename events (NOT sounds).

    In DAWS it is also used to add to the event’s name the status of the event’s parameters, like pitch or timestretch values (or event FX of course).
    So it will be already done when you will work on this 😉
    I suppose that it doesn’t represents a lot of work, but of course you have your priorities…

    Consider this post like a reminder for a basic feature that would be nice to have in a not too far future !


    One more thing that is not really related to events names, but that could benefit from it : you have based the audio events names not on the file names but on some chunk inside the files.
    The problem is that some softwares that create wav files does not write this code, so the files appear in Podium with no name at all, which is quite unusual…
    Another problem is when we rename a file in a Windows explorer and that Podiums of course shows a different name.
    So, together with an event name parameter, I think that it would be good to base the names of audio events on their files names like in any other host I know (the same for the Project names that appear in the Previous projects list).
    Perhaps that you had seen some advantage to base them on special internal code, but the only result I see is that introduces potential confusion…
    Why not make things simple ? 😉
    Thanks !


    I’ve made this update for the upcoming 2.08 release:

    The “fade properties” dialog is renamed to “sound event properties” and is extended with an “event name” setting. This makes it possible to enter different labels for track events, even if the events links to the same sound object. Leaving the event name blank will display the sound name as in previous Podium versions.

    There’s no reason to implement the event naming for note and curve sequences, right?


    @Zynewave wrote:

    There’s no reason to implement the event naming for note and curve sequences, right?

    I can’t think of one.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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