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    This may or may not work but it’s at least worth a try…

    I have noticed over the last year that there are many great ideas and suggestions for Podium on this forum (future) however every so often Acousmod or someone else like me has asked when a particular feature will be implemented or how far up the list it is and so forth.

    I think Frits did say that the list is not written in order of importance. So we cannot use it as a timeline for the development of certain features.

    Frits also responds very quickly to certain suggestions with a very quick implementation and others he may suggest a longer time frame for. Probably based on complexity of implementation which makes perfect sense.

    This poll may help channel the effrorts of Frits into areas most users want which I imagine would help him focus on the most pressing areas based on user requests. As Frits has always encouraged users to get involved in making suggestions for the future development of Podium I think this poll may make things easier for him. I hope so anyway πŸ™‚

    As Podium users pop in every now and then a rolling poll has been set up.

    If you are not sure which area / feature is of most importance to you have another look at the Future road map thread…

    It’s split into three key areas

    UI related

    Engine related

    Plug in related

    Hence the style of the poll options. πŸ˜‰

    As I said earlier this may or may not work but it’s worth a try… πŸ˜‰

    By all means let us know why a certain feature is of key interest to you once you have placed your vote. There are about 200+ forum members but with people popping in only occasionaly, it may take time to reach even 20 votes but it should be interesting. 8)

    I have just added a *other* option just in case someone comes up with a suggestion not thought of yet… 8)

    I am really pleased about multi processor support so my vote may be engine related he he. πŸ™‚


    Great initiative Conquistador,

    I voted ‘I’m happy to leave it to Frits to decide’ :clown:


    I voted “engine related”

    I feel features such as sample rate conversion, dithering, parameter smoothing (to avoid zipper noise), are of the most importance.

    Furthermore, audio event fade in/out, level, crossfade options, and inlined EQ/Dynamics for audio tracks are also very desirable.

    By the way things have developed, and by the looks of the future, I feel very confident about the direction Podium is taking. 8)

    I also am very pleased about the planned multi core/processor support.

    Thumbs up to Conquistador for this initiative! πŸ˜€



    didn’t tried podium yet, but will asap.

    also voted for “engine” (optimizing for speed & multiprocessor-systems, high quality samplerate-converter, noise-shaped dither with autoblacking, offline-bounce, sidechaining …)

    second would be “ui” (consistent and full customizable, optimizing for speed, helpful tooltips, dualhead-capable …)

    and then maybe some high quality bread&butter “effects” (x-band-parametric-eq, compressor, limiter with intersample-peak-suppression, ms/encoder/decoder …)


    tbh, I’m happy for Frits to decide (he’s got the product this far!), but since I really would like the offline bouncing I went for engine related.. Frits knows its wanted, and I realise that nudges are listened to.




    same here duncan, I voted “Happy to let Frits decide”

    But, I’d always like to see more of “Engine related development should be next” πŸ˜‰

    Regarding plugin development (ie built in plugins for Podium): I think that would be a waste of Frits’ time and skills. There are plenty of third party *free* plugins out there which are of usable quality. Besides, it would mean that Frits would have to design his own EQ and compression algorithms, for example…. That would be no small task… I think he should keep doing what he has been all along, that is concentrating on the Podium engine and usability 8)


    PS I’m gonna start a new topic in Support about third party plugins


    @Zynewave wrote:

    Great initiative Conquistador,

    I voted ‘I’m happy to leave it to Frits to decide’ :clown:

    Thanks for the compliment Frits, nice to see you joining in. 8)

    Thumbs up to Conquistador for this initiative!


    Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing your views. πŸ˜‰

    Did not expect so many responses so quickly! I guess the rest of the forum members will pop in soon as well. Thanks duncan, Super_crunchy and Dandruff for voting as well.


    I voted for ‘Plug-in Development’, just because I want to see ReWire support.


    @super_crunchy wrote:

    Regarding plugin development (ie built in plugins for Podium): I think that would be a waste of Frits’ time and skills.

    yes -> engine and other things first. but i would like to see some good build-effekts. the most advantage i think would be, that they could use the same ui-style (same look, knob-feel and so on – for better integration, workflow and usage). and zynewave also should know best, how to don’t crash the host with plugins. it only has advantages πŸ™‚



    Difficult to answer this question!

    The list of the future developments is long, and each element has its interest there…

    One of the best things with Podium, it is the confidence which Frits gave us towards his work, and the insurance that with time each one of these points will be carefully studied and certainly integrated.
    It is thus enough to be patient (difficult!) and to leave him its priorities.
    Thus my answer should be: “I’m happy to leave it to Frits to decide”.

    In an other hand, the optimization of the audio engine is obviously one of the first priorities, and the recent improvements which hi has made to graphic management showed at which point that was important.
    So another answer could be: “Engine related development should be next”.

    But, as a daily user of Podium, I must recognize that what makes me practically suffer at each second, is some aspects of the environment user (keyboard and mouse shortcuts, zoom and scroll, automations etc).

    Thus my vote was finally: “Lets have more UI related development”.

    Whatever the result of this poll will be, I must say that what I am doing with Podium can’t simply be done in any other host, so Frits, continue like this, it will be OK πŸ˜‰


    I voted “Engine related development should be next”

    Frits knows what I’m after… πŸ™‚


    Wa- hey! Hi guys.

    Interesting views. I think we all agree that Frits has done a remarkable job working solo, to say the least.

    Of course whatever our views are Frits will ultimately make all decisions regarding Podium and obviously as I’m sure Frits knows, in no way is the thread intended to change that. But it is good to know to know that he encourages user feedback regarding the development of Podium hence this thread.

    It is interesting to see what different users are interested in and hopefully this thread, at least in some small way, will provide some sort of reference point for Frits regarding future development.

    Thanks for your views, I imagine more forum members will have there say… 8)


    I voted “Other areas not covered above (say why please)”… the reason being that, while each item is pulled from a different area of the “future development” list, they work to a common end. The items are:

    – MIDI file export. (UI related)
    – MIDI Time Code support. (Engine related)
    – MIDI plugin support & Rewire support (Plugin related)

    The common end, in simplest terms, is that each of these allow Podium to work with other programs in one way or another. While Podium matures, those who are missing certain features can possibly work around them using one or more of these.

    Also, I’d love to see the count-in feature implemented, under “Engine Related.”

    So while my vote went to “other,” I’m pretty much happy to let Frits decide.


    I voted ‘engine related’ – audio fade-in/-out is most important to me…

    (and for some reason I know that it’s already on the list for quite some time, isn’t it, Frits? πŸ˜† )

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