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    Hi Frits!

    I have a small feature request here, which admittedly likely has very little use in most circumstances.

    As I use internal “host” VSTs (like energyXT and recently Mux VST), you can adjust the parameter settings for what is shown to the host. As Podium reads parameters and then saves them in the device list, any changes are not reflected without needing to rename them there as well, which is just a little bit of a distraction during usage.

    For example, Mux VST by default opens with some simple project, and a Gain parameter. If I change it all up, the parameters in Podium’s device list still show the first as Gain, the second as Meta-Parameter 2 and so on.

    I know historically Podium was very much a manual setup with devices and such, and truth be told I still like having the option there in the background should I want to alter things, but generally I’d like parameters to be whatever the plugin says they are.

    I haven’t tested this in other hosts admittedly, so this may not just be with Podium. Do VSTs have a function that reports to the host that parameters have changed in their setup? If not, I’m not entirely sure how Podium would detect a parameter name (etc.) has changed, unless it just double checks on startup (likely slowing down, albeit briefly, the load time).

    Anyway, there’s my FR that I came across (not so) recently!


    Do VSTs have a function that reports to the host that parameters have changed in their setup?

    The parameter name, no. Some hosts may request the parameter names from the plugin after e.g. a preset change or before showing a menu with available parameters.

    Request noted. I can probably implement an optional automatic system, like i’ve done with ReWire devices.


    Thanks for noting it Frits. It’s no big deal and there are tons of features that are much more important (as people continually mention here!).

    It’s just one of those little nuisances that occasionally pop up. energyXT isn’t so bad because it’s just “parameter1”, “..2” and so on by default, but Mux by default uses a basic effect which has the first parameter marked as “Gain”. This means that if I change it to Cutoff or anything else, I need to adjust “Gain” in Podium unless I rename the automation track and/or the parameter device in Podium, which is why I request it now instead of long ago with energyXT (I just had to remember parameter1 was cutoff .. and so on).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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