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    Zinio started another free coupon campaign. Ideal to get hold of the Computer Music Magazine and the content it comes with. The campaign ends 8 August 2013, so there will be plenty of issues and downloads.
    Some of the included synths/effects are:
    Synthmaster CM, Aalto, DuneCM, Curve, ZebraCM, RhinoCM, DDMF EQ Pack and many more. Most of them 64 bit.
    In tomorrow’s issue there will be Cableguys Waveshaper CM as well.
    So don’t miss it guys.
    You’ll need to make an account at zinio if you don’t already have one.

    Claim your coupon here:

    And pick your magazines from here (remember to select “Single”)

    And this is the CM Vault, where you add your magazines, go through a simple Q&A verification and have access to the plugins, samples, tutorials etc.

    And here’s Xils 3 Beat edition – an emulation of EMS Synthi. Initially it was a Facebook thingy, but apparently not any more. Just fill in your details, and receive the serial in your mail. PC, MAC, 32/64 bit etc.

    All the Best

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