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    Just wanted to draw your attention to this bundle of free VSTs by Dustin Ralston, as I haven’t seen them mentioned here yet.

    Entirely coded in C++ , awesome GUIs , stellar quality, 32 & 64 bit.

    My favourites of the bunch are
    Mono/Stereo channel (an extensive VU metering and then some)
    Dual Panner (a feature that I was considering to request for Podium’s mixer)
    and Transient (much better that Flux Bittersweet IMO)

    There’s also Polarity, Crosstalk and Lisp (for your vocal needs)

    All of these are actually non-present in Podium, so I think they complement it greatly. So go grab them. Dustin’s such a a generous guy, and it seems there will be a lot more to come in the future.

    Participant 😉

    I’ll check those others.

    Cheers, Alex


    Good call alex, I haven’t been around for months, so obviously I have missed your post.

    Let this topic serve as a reminder then.

    All the Best


    I find Dual Panning extremely important and useful, and have been missing it in Podium for a long time.
    There’s another plugin that can also perform this task: Hofa 4u Meter, Fader and MS Pan, 32&64 bit

    The Telenator

    +1 CymaticCycle. I’ve been using the SleepyTime plugins for a while — Mono and Stereo meters, Transient and the Dual Panner.

    The Hofa that were mentioned are very nice, and until recently their website was only in German. The Flux Stereo Tool (free) plugin is better than Hofa’s and has better controls to it. I think Flux’s Bittersweet (also free) is also worth having if only to stare at from time to time — gorgeous but Transient offers better and less subtle controls. Hofa’s free meter is rather nice, once you get used to how it works.


    +1 on Flux Stereo Tool (forgot to mention it) and, for me, BitterSweet does better job than Waves TransX.

    Cheers, Alex

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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