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    Last updated: Feb 25, 2010

    This is a list of proposed updates to Podium.

    UI Related

    • Improvements to editors:
      Add icons to tools in context menu, for easier recognition.
      Option to customize highlighting of gridlines.
      Relative-snap option.
      Advanced quantize edit dialog with swing, percentage settings etc.
    • Improvements to arrangement editor:
      Alpha-search in preset panel (and in all lists in general).
      New ‘Insert here’ context menu when clicking inside timeline area.
      New ‘Create phantom copies’ menu with a dialog to enter number of copies to be repeatedly copied/appended to selected event.
      Moving/resizing events should update the timeline in any editors opened for the event.
      Enable selection of multiple tracks.
      Tempo event properties dialog should offer ‘preview tempo change’ option.
      Snap option to snap events to start/stop of other events.
      MIDI-learn command in the parameter panel.
    • Improvements to piano roll editor:
      Highlight keys on keyboard when played by external MIDI keyboard.
      ‘Selected events’ properties dialog, for modifying common properties of all selected events.
      Step recording using external MIDI keyboard.
      Show translucent info-box for currently edited note event.
      Scrub-tool for auditioning a range of notes by dragging.
    • Improvements to drum map editor:
      Show multiple lines for all notes in the key range of a drum preset.
      Command for getting note/drum names from plugins that support this feature.
    • Improvements to curve editor:
      Quantize function should delete point events stacked on same time position.
    • Improvements to sound editor:
      Change percentage to dB in channel headers.
      New gain processing dialog with options for fade in/out and gain change.
      Commands for location of zero crossings for segment and loop ranges.
      Option to disconnect link to arrangement editor, to allow editing/playing sound independently of the arrangement.
      Command to export multi-channel sound into separate mono files.
    • Improvements to eventlist editor:
      Enable drag-reordering of events on the same time-frame.
      Event properties dialog for single/multiple events.
    • Improvements to list window file panel:
      Commands for creating new folders and renaming files.
      Archive projects to zip files for transfer and backup.
    • Auto-backup option for periodic saving of project and sound files, making it possible to recover files after a crash.
    • ‘Open in external sound editor’ command in context menu for sound objects.
    • User configuration of key and mouse shortcuts.
    • Add ‘Abort’ button to sound copy/processing progress dialog box.
    • Support for external fader controllers to control the Podium UI and automate parameters.
    • Map MIDI control change messages to VST parameters and Podium mixer gain, pan and send.
    • Localization or translation to other languages.

    Engine Related

    • Sample rate conversion. Currently all audio files are played with the sample rate of the arrangement.
    • Dither.
    • Latency compensation on meters. Currently meters are displayed as they are processed, i.e. ahead of time on latency compensated tracks.
    • User settable latency adjustments on tracks.
    • MIDI volume/pan (CC 7/10) track settings. Controlled by the mixer fader/pan sliders unless audio gain/pan is also enabled on the track.
    • Ramping on level/pan settings to avoid zipper noise.
    • New ‘bypass mapping’ mixer parameter.
    • Add ‘sum’ to parameter SysEx message macros.
    • Groove quantization. Implemented as an option in the tempo event properties, with a link to a sequence containing note events which will make up the groove.
    • MIDI loop recording.
    • MIDI Time Code slave sync support.
    • Audition when dragging play cursor.
    • Import/export of FLAC and mp3 file formats.
    • Support for WASAPI drivers on Vista/Windows7.

    Plugin Related

    • Support for VST MIDI-only plugins.
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