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    Several users have now mentioned that they find the select tool confusing and useless, and would prefer just to have the rearrange tool. I’m all for keeping things as simple as possible, so if that is the general opinion, it’s going out!

    The reason I implemented the select tool (appr. 7-10 years ago :wink:) was to allow for clicking around to explore an arrangement/sequence without accidentally moving stuff. If you got a nervous hand, or as in my case if you use a Wacom tablet pen, you may inadvertently happen to move a sequence event when clicking on it to open an editor etc.

    Anybody wanting the select tool to stay, please post your reasons for this.


    Can I also suggest you try putting together a small piece of music, before you choose your vote. That way, youll have a better idea if you like it or not.


    I say keep it. I’ve just been doing a load of editting, and used it a fair bit.

    It’s useful in looking at wave forms, selecting a portion and zooming in, etc, and knowing that it’s non-destructive.

    It could be kept, but not a default on the menu bar – but outline it’s function in all the help files, and how to add it to the menus.

    I understand it, appreciate it, and use it. Most sequencers I have used have this facility, going right back to Atari days, and it is a logical part of knowing your track – and essential when exploring someone elses!

    I voted KEEP IT!!!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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