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    Johanna Wise

    I have an Audiobox USB MIDI interface, and two possible controllers I can use (a Korg Kross and an Alesis QX49).

    When I go to create a new project, I give it a title and when I click on Configure Audio, neither of the ASIO options are working for me. Audiobox ASIO crashes Podium, and Creative ASIO generates the error “Could not initialize audio interface at 44100 hz”. I tried the lower number 33k and got the same error.

    Am I able to use WMA instead? Is it a “poor” alternative or does it have any advantages?

    I just want to get a sound out of my keyboards…I will be recording with them. At some point I will want the highest sound quality available to my system, but right now, get a noise first.
    Then once I do that I am sure I will have loads of other Q’s about VST recs and things.

    (I have an i5 with a solid state hard drive, it is pretty quick considering its an entry level build).

    Johanna Wise

    I got it to say Creative ASIO 6 channel, somehow!! it crashed it and didn’t tell me it was going to work lol. And its showing at 44100.

    MIDI says 2-Midi in and 2-Midi out for in and out.

    I got a few plug ins from the freebees just to get going.

    I want to use my Korg as input. I just need a quick low down on what to do and check to get some sound. I have my VST’s in the right place (something we all need to check 😉 ) .


    You seems to have the same behaviour i had, Fritz solved it in the full version (asio checked lately in the startup process)
    I think he ‘ll solve the problem for the free version too.

    Here’s the quick tip for to use you’re soundcard:
    1 Go to:
    C:\Users\you’re username\AppData\Roaming\Zynewave\Podium Free

    2 Open the podium.ini

    3 At the interface part delete the lines below interfaces like this
    delete all the lines.

    4 Start podium

    5 Go in audio preference and configure you’re device.

    The bad thing is you need to do thIs everytime you staRt podium.

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    When exactly does it crash? Right after you press OK or Apply in the interfaces dialog?

    Years ago, the creative sound cards had to be used in 48000 sample rate to work. I don’t know if that still is a requirement, but that could explain the error message. Another reason for this kind of error message, is if you have other programs running that uses/locks the soundcard drivers.

    Podium does not yet support WMA, so you need to get an ASIO driver working. You could alternatively try the free driver. In the ASIO4ALL control panel you select the WMA drivers of your AudioBox, and then select the ASIO4ALL driver in the Podium setup.

    Johanna Wise

    It crashed right when I clicked “OK” after selecting Creative ASIO.
    It currently will start up though, and shows Creative ASIO so I am not sure why it choked.

    Mine is a Soundblaster ZXR for those curious.

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