Topic: gui bug, or laptop nonsense…?

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    strange experience, reproduced 100% on:

    compaq r4000
    athlon64 3500+
    ATI xpress200 series
    1024 DDR RAM


    using the free KarmaFX Synth (modular) VSTi, after a small amount of messing about, the items in the dropdown menus disappear. eg: “file” and “edit” are there, but when i click them, the dropdown menus only have empty space, and dividing lines.

    ??? 😕

    so can anyone confirm this?

    i listed my specs incase that matters, frits. 😀


    EDIT: this happeed with 1.35 as well, but since 1.36 came so quick, i didn’t report it. then it happend with 1.36 too, sooo….


    Are you using the latest KarmaFX release? I haven’t tried the latest version myself, but I had this problem with an earlier beta version:


    yes, i believe so.
    i will double check, but unless a new one has come out since last mid-week, then it’s up to date.

    so you saw this too, huh?

    any idea what that is? would it be a Karma bug, do you think?

    i am glad it’s not my computer 😀


    It appears to still happen with the latest 0.88 Karma beta. It does not happen when I run Podium in debug mode, so it is hard for me to examine what is going on. I have not seen this behaviour with any other plugins, so I’m guessing the Karma synth is doing something that causes this.

    Since it’s still called a beta version, I’m assuming there are some issues with this plugin that KarmaFX is working on.


    could be
    i will email him

    i will see if running it inside ext inside podium works.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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