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    Eddie Lloyd

    Hi All !

    Newbie here with a question ! Having tried Podium Free for a week I decided to buy the program as I read that the free version does not allow wav files to be imported or exported.

    I’ve just installed it and cannot see how to import any wav files. Can anyone help please ?

    Apologies if it has already been answered in the Forum somewhere but as I said . . . I’m totally new to this program and still finding my way round it.

    Thanks in advance for a helpful reply hopefully !

    Best Regards . . . Yoda.


    I guess the easiest way is the F6 key, which opens the browser. The browser allows you to select and save HD paths. From here you can simply drag and drop either into the project contents on the project setup window, or directly onto an arrangement.

    Eddie Lloyd

    Hi there kingtubby. Brilliant !!! Thank you so much for your help. My problem was that I recorded all my drum tracks into Sound Forge and when trying to re-record them into Podium I was getting a lot of line noise from computer soundcard into main pc interface (my Edirol unit) and I’ve spent most of the day trying to clear up the noise.

    I made up some new screened audio cables which helped but a slight hum still came through.

    I am new to Podium and struggling a bit as it doesn’t work like Cubase or others I’ve used, but now I’m starting to work with it I find it really solid and so reliable. Well pleased I bought it.

    Thanks again for your help Matey and for replying so quickly.

    Best Regards . . . Eddie. ( Yoda ).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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