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    How do I make my CPU stable after overclocking? I overclocked my i7 920 to 3.6 GHz and ran prime 95 and one of the cores stopped working and said it had a fatal error but the others are working fine. If I got over 3.6 GHz, windows won’t even load, it just freezes at the beginning or I get blue screen of death. All of my temps are below 60 on my CPU and the vreg is 50 degrees. What do I need to change?


    Maybe you should try for this kind of stuff. But overclocking is generally not a good idea on a DAW because of these precise problems.


    I agree with MelodyMan, but wish to add that if you really did want to ask this forum, the most appropriate place would be General Chat.

    I would advise against overclocking, or if you have to, overclocking to a safe amount. Modern systems have enough power for most musician’s needs, and if you’re planning on overclocking for other tasks, I recommend having a separate computer for music-related uses.


    I’m pretty sure this is spam.


    Can’t believe I was taken in. 🙁 You are quite right of course. Don’t remember seeing those links the first time, or I might have overlooked…

    The post has been edited, however. :/


    I’ve removed the spam links from the post, and locked the account.

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