Topic: How to create an arpeggio using a Vst instrument and an external arpeggiator?

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    Hi, I’m trying to create an arpeggio track using for that a vst instrument or synthesizer with the sound I’ve chosen in one track (like a pad for example) . Then a second track with the external arpeggiator in question (like Arto Vaarala – Kirnu_1.2.1…this plugin doesen’t have any sound, it can’t sound for itself) Well, the thing is I need to conect bouth tracks and use them like only one instrument in place two and finally I can create an arpeggio melody.
    I heve been traying few things, watched few videos, but I can´t find one talking about the subject. the closet I found, were a cuple talking about vocoders and others about changes in vst device prefernces, but nothig works.
    I know how do it perfectly in other platform I use regularly, I can’t understand how I can’t found the solution here in podium free.

    So please, can any of you help me with this situation?
    Thanks a lot who can help me

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    Unfortunately, Podium does not yet support streaming MIDI from one VST plugin to another. It is a frequently requested feature, but I cannot give an estimate when it will be implemented. Other Podium users have worked around it by using a plugin that can host other VST plugins, such as energyXT.



    Ok, thanks… I’ll try with them to see if works properly

    P.D: Yes, that maybe a good implementation… 😉



    try Wusik VM

    works, but is not perfect.

    after first start, all directories must configured correct to get wusik vm working.

    1. Menu -> Load VST – to load your VST instrument plugin (with “e” on the right you can show/hide plugin window)
    2. MIDI -> Load in Slot 1 Kirnu Cream (with “e” on the right you can show/hide plugin window for each slot)

    limitation: after restart VST instrument load always 1st program

    another solution could be MUX:

    but i’ll also prefer a podium streaming MIDI implementation from one VST plugin to another.

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    Hi Hermu, thanks for your contribution…that thing “WUSIK” Works right, but not with Kirnu. I don’t konw why, but yes, it work with last version of BlueArp.

    P.D: Sorry If I´m answering so late, but I’ve been with no Internet for some time.

    Thanks again.

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