Topic: How to get 2 tracks to control the same synth?

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    Hi. This is an insanely easy thing to do, but I can’t figure out a way to do it in Podium. I’ve searched and read and tried everything I can think of for the past few hours. I’m at a loss.

    I just want to assign the first two tracks you would make starting off from an empty new project, to the same instance of the same synth.

    In other words…

    Is it possible to have two tracks – i.e. horizontal as you create them:
    Track 1 –
    Track 2-

    and have them both trigger say synth1? The very same instance of
    synth1 playing the same patch?

    So you could have two variations of a bassline and mute or solo the other track independently.
    Or two variations of a drum beat triggering the exact same drum map, then choose whichever one you want accordingly.

    You get the picture I’m sure.

    Nothing could be simpler, but I realised I don’t know how to do it with
    the routing setup in Podium as it is now.

    I have tried the concept of grouping tracks and child tracks, but the mute
    solo thing does not work independently. The Parent track always mutes it’s children. I have looked for options to change this behavior but could
    not find any.

    Sorry for being a bit thick, I know it must be easy to do, but I am so used
    to other sequencers, that after all these years it’s made it difficult to learn new paradigms.

    So, one synth, two tracks that control it, that can be independently solo’d
    and muted.



    There may be a way, but the way I’ve done something like this, has been to have three tracks. One parent with the synth, two child tracks which just contain midi, which then of course are both sent to the parent track with the synth. You can then mute one or the other track. This does mean 3 tracks though, even if you minimise the parent track (though using track tags you could hide the parent track, but I’m not sure if that would be the most clean way to do it).

    I think if you use the same global instance of the synth on both tracks, it goes red. If I recall correctly. I would love to know if I’m wrong, though!


    Thanks for the reply druid.

    I gave up after a little while but will go back to it again.
    It is such a basic thing to do that I can do so easily in my other

    I’ll check out your suggestion but if anyone else has any tips to do
    what I want, that would be cool as well πŸ˜‰

    I would like a simpler solution than three tracks, if possible.

    I’ve been getting into Podium more and more, and these little things
    I can do like second nature in other hosts, but can’t with Podium,
    really frustrate me.

    Really love this program and there are so many things it does right,
    that other hosts just don’t do at all, makes me forgiving in nature
    with this little beauty.

    So I will crack on and keep learning all the other things I don’t know.

    Anyone else with a way to do this, it’s one of the most basic things
    you can do with a sequencer, surely some one must know if it’s
    possible……or it would be good to know if it isn’t possible πŸ˜‰

    Thanks again druid, I’ll give your idea a go in the meantime.


    For what it’s worth, I can confirm that the way druid suggested (instrument on a group track, MIDI data on any number of child tracks) is the only way to achieve this, currently.

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