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    Hi. I have an eight bar ‘song’. That is to say
    I have an arrangement of eight bars.
    I have one bar looped in these eight bars, in the timeline region.
    I want to render/bounce this one bar by the usual method of
    File>Export to sound file

    Is it not possible just to render the ‘loop region’ by itself? Podium gives
    no option and renders whatever you have in your entire arrangement.

    I don’t want the whole eight bars. I just want to render one bar. The
    bar that is looping in the timeline.

    I’ve done a search and I must have spent about three hours trying to
    figure this out. Any ideas? Or is this just not doable?


    Take a look to this video:



    Thanks a lot for that. Learned something from it.

    Unfortunately it is not exactly what I am talking about.

    I want to render an external sound file of 1bar in length in my example.
    I don’t care if I have to ‘render’ it internally to start off with – it’s an
    extra step in workflow which other sequencers don’t force you to do,
    but I could live with it.
    The end result I want is a file of precisely 1 bar length. Unless I was
    bouncing only the very first bar of my arrangements, this would not
    work because it always renders from the beginning of the arrangement,
    even if I have ‘punch’ set to say bar 4-5 – it does not render just that one
    bar, it renders all the bars up to that point, giving me a four bar render
    in this case – not what I want.

    Ableton does it, Cubase does it, Energy XT does it, Logic does it,
    Reaper does it, Reason does it etc etc.
    Why is this just not a simple option on file>export?
    I cant believe I missed this – this has been a showstopper for me and
    I have been loving this software, recording my guitar in has been a lot
    easier than some other hosts, everything is so logical and beautifully
    planned out, but this………

    Please tell me I got this wrong?
    Podium does not allow you in any way to export just a selected bar of an
    arrangement? (obviously this is my expample just for clarity)

    No way! And I’m the only person that uses it that doesn’t need that
    feature? That is even more insane. I think I’ve just lost my marbles.

    I mean I’ve tried every possible permutation and so far it seems to
    me that this ‘feature’ that exists in every other DAW (not just major
    ones), just does not exist in Podium. I’m in shock. I wouldn’t have
    bought it if I’d known that, and I can imagine a multitude of others
    who would give it a miss also, but what do I know?

    I am hoping I am just being an idiot here…
    Because I really love so much about this program and it is gonna hack
    me off to have to go back to that Reaper interface.


    Man, just bounce within a range that bar, click on mixer bounce slot and choose “Export Bounce Audio to file…” or, if you want further editing, “Export bounce audio to new track” open it in the sound editor and do File->Export Selection as a Sound file . It’s so easy πŸ˜‰


    Well, I could do a lot of things, but it would still export a four bar file or
    whatever (depending how far into the song you were) that would need to
    either be edited down to one bar in the audio editor in Podium, or later
    in whichever audio editor one uses.

    I could also make a copy of the arrangement – cut out the bars I don’t
    want and just render from there – this poses other problems of time
    being sapped and organisation stuff (re-naming files) etc etc. It is a
    beyond inelegant solution and I draw the line at that point.

    Another thing I’ve found with my experiments is the fact that a
    ‘Master-Bounce’ file is always created when one does this punch in
    thing, and If one was to change one’s punch in location to do another
    ‘render’, the Master-Bounce would also be included in the new ‘bounce’.
    So the Master-Bounce has to be deleted every time one wants to do a
    new render….

    Sorry, this is DAW culture shock to me. I am having a hard time getting
    my head around it. Not trying to be awkward.

    This is a total game-changer for the way I work, I don’t mind going through a convoluted or esoteric bit of voodoo to get this result. I am not prepared to go editing down four bar passages into one bar (again as an example) in an audio editor. Especially when every other host I have ever used has had this, not so much ‘feature’, but ‘essential’.

    Thanks a lot for your input anyway.
    I’m hoping to find the secret button that will allow me to do this, as I still
    refuse to believe that this ‘essential feature’ is missing from software as
    sophisticated as Podium. I mean has ‘nobody’ mentioned this before, or
    am I on my own here?



    Ok, so I found a convoluted and esoteric way to do this thing that every
    other DAW does as standard…. πŸ˜€

    It’s only taken me about eight hours to figure out, but this is the best
    I could do in that ‘short’ time.

    1: Get your loop selection you want to render out.

    2: Create ‘punch in and out’ points that mimic this selection

    3: Make sure you have no “Master-Bounce” files already in the arrangement.

    4: In the Master section click on the ‘Bounce’ button and select ‘Render
    within Punch range’.

    5: Select ‘Move Bounced Audio to New Track’ again from the options on
    the ‘Bounce’ button in the Master section.

    6: Zoom your arrangement so you are physically able to re-size the
    ‘Master-Bounce’ you just did, down to the loop size you wanted in the
    first place.

    7: Right click on your newly re-sized file and select ‘Crop’ from the menu.

    8: Double click on this file and it will then open in the in-built Audio editor.

    9: Choose ‘File>Save Sound As’ from the menu.

    10: Re-Name it to whatever makes sense or is logical to you. As having
    it named ‘Master Bounce’ can only cause confusion and make things
    difficult for you later on should you come back to it….

    Like I said, this is the best I can do. If someone could shorten or cut
    out any of these steps, I’d be glad to hear your suggestions. πŸ™‚

    So what takes a little over 5 seconds in other DAWs, takes a little
    under 5 minutes in Podium. ❗

    Showstopper. For any one that is used to, or expects, or needs this

    Frits, don’t you think it would be easier (for the end user at least)
    and more elegant, and more in keeping with the general paradigm
    of Podium, for there to be an option to do this from the file export
    dialog? Maybe a checkbox that says: Render between locators, or

    Is this not possible to implement for some reason?

    If it is possible, do you plan on doing it any time soon?

    Thanks. I’m otherwise knocked out by the elegance and power of
    this program and apart from this ‘hiccup’, I am really enjoying
    using it to make music. I want to make Podium my main DAW, but
    this issue is important to me.


    The way I would do it:

    1: Bounce the master track. You can opt to set the punch-in/out to limit the bounce range, in case a full track bounce render takes more time than it takes you to set up the punch-in/out locators.

    2: Move bounced audio to new track.

    3: Select the new sound event, and open the embedded sound editor.

    4: Use the select or segment tool to mark out the range you want to export. This could be the loop range, which will be highlighted in the sound editor.

    5: Use “export selection to sound file” in the sound editor file menu.

    6: Delete the bounced track.

    Is this still a showstopper? It may take a few more steps than an “export only loop range” option in the export dialog, but on the plus side it allows you a bit more freedom in what you want to export. You could for example quickly drag the segment selection to other bars, to export multiple loop files from the same audio bounce.


    @Pod_Boy wrote:

    Like I said, this is the best I can do. If someone could shorten or cut
    out any of these steps, I’d be glad to hear your suggestions. πŸ™‚

    ALT+B for “Render within punch range” Should save a couple of seconds πŸ˜›

    I do agree with your point about the Master Bounce.wav title. A bounced master track could include the arrangement name by default. Then perhaps there wouldn’t be a need to edit it.

    Also, it would be pretty handy if the bounced punch range would auto-crop. Got to agree on that one too.


    @Zynewave wrote:

    Is this still a showstopper? It may take a few more steps than an “export only loop range” option in the export dialog, but on the plus side it allows you a bit more freedom in what you want to export. You could for example quickly drag the segment selection to other bars, to export multiple loop files from the same audio bounce.

    I’m loving this program too much for the show to stop I guess.
    Just bitching ;-O

    It would seem you know what it is I am trying to do, so I look forward
    to you implementing it at some point… If possible…

    Anyway. There are just too many things to love in this program.
    I can record guitars so quickly. That is a big plus for me.
    I know how people say the midi is great, but I don’t know how
    many people really appreciate the ‘audio’ side too. They should.

    Thanks for the reply Frits, I’ll give your suggestion a go.

    Apart from this, I really love this program!
    I got Cubase all ready to go if I need it.
    But boy is it ugly when you get used to the aesthetics of Podium.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Frits.
    It’s coming along lovely!


    @H-man wrote:

    Also, it would be pretty handy if the bounced punch range would auto-crop.

    Indeed, would be pretty handy.


    I would really really like this feature as well.. as I do electronic music and bounce a lot of audio out… having to re-crop everything I bounce will be a slow death…

    I would also really like to have the input quantize feature added…
    These 2 things would really, make things perfect… otherwise I don’t know…
    I don’t wanna go back to samplitude or cubase…

    also please have a way to export all the samples I’m using in the project to a folder… yes you can do it with the “New Arrangement as Unique Copy” but it copies every single instance of each audio item into the folder… so in my case for an item called FX (for example)… it would be FX1, FX2, FX3 etc… but in reality theres only one file being used… It eats up a lot of hard drive space…


    I just tried setting up a punch in and out region to bounce, and it
    wouldn’t even do that. I’ll have a look at it again to see if I am doing
    something wrong, but…… just bounces the whole length of the
    time line no matter what adjustments I make. Something is seriously
    wrong somewhere with all this. (it might be my brain ;-P)

    And Podium is crashing quite a lot when I’m attempting bouncing.
    If I change some parameters or re-load the program it then doesn’t
    do it – so it’s not consistent, which makes it seem like a bug of some
    sort to me.

    I’ll look into it more. It’s not like I have a lot of time to do testing now.

    Pretty soon, I’m going to be attempting some serious music and I will
    need to get this one sorted out. A literal showstopper for the moment.

    I’d be happy to pay for some kind of render timeline region functionality.

    I guess it is not such a trivial thing to implement.

    Oh well.


    Yeah, it’s a little weird that the bounce sequence ends up being as long as the whole arrangement in this case. Maybe this could pass as one of those ‘minor things’ that Frits is going to work on for now. *nudge* πŸ˜‰

    The crashes you get are most likely related to some plug-in you’re using, though – I haven’t had one in years during bouncing. If you have some time, you could try removing plug-ins one by one and see if it stops crashing. Or if you could write down which ones you’re using in that particular project, maybe we can help trying to pinpoint the culprit – provided the plug-ins are available to someone else here as well.


    yes I get the same thing. it bounces the whole arrangement and not what I have selected inside the punch-in range…


    that being said.. i’m really starting to like this program… πŸ˜€
    ctrl-insert is the best…

    if I could just get input quantizing, and get the render thing sorted out… I’m all in…

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