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    I have been working on music for close to ten years now and I have to say few things have impressed me as much as this program.

    I love the interface, its clean and powerful. I love the concept! I haven’t seen some this powerful since Logic, hopefully in the future we will see some logic “environment” like abilities.

    I love the vector based automation, I have been waiting for cubase to include this for years.

    The way you approached bounced audio is great, but it needs to be faster and easier. As it is now the process demands a lot of steps from the user, I am sure a good deal of this could be automated. Also I dont understand why soft synths are bounced in real time, wouldn’t it be much faster if the bouncing of audio took place off line, where the plugins could use 100% of the processor. If a synth uses only 10% of the processer it would be able to bounce 10 times the speed as real time.

    The mixer is dynamic powerful and it is probally the most logical software approach I have ever seen. I dont know why people insist and creating software that mimics the limitations of hardware.

    No program has such seemless integration of hardware and software, this is no joke. I never use my Virus anymore because it is so much easier to use software in cubase sx2.

    Now for the suggestions:

    On the bottom tool bar I should be able to type in the bpm, personally I rarely change the bpm during a song so it is a waste of time for me to have to use the pencil tool to enter in my tempo.

    Why have two seperate tools for select and move, its a waste of time and space, it also adds addition steps.

    You need to double click a VSTi patch to load it up, it makes more sense to have the sound change as you single click or arrow up/down thru the patches. That way patch auditioning is fast and easy. Double clicking thru 60 sounds in a row and your hand will be killing you.

    When entering or moving a note in the midi editor, that note should be triggered. This will make programming work much easier (especially for drums)

    The vertical lines are to hard to see in the midi editor, I am young (28 ) with great eyes I have a 21 inch monitor and I still can’t see them without leaning way over my desk.

    Tracks should be resizable by grabbing the bottom portion of the track, using a tool adds a step into the process and it is harder to adjust it properly.

    Maybe I am missing this, but I MUST BE ABLE TO PREVIEW AND IMPORT A WAV.

    The mixer needs sliders knobs are a pain to use, there is a reason why nearly every mixer on the markert uses sliders for volume. My suggestion to maintain the current look of the mixer create semi-transparent sliders over the meter. When you select and move the slider it becomes less transparent so you can see what exactly your moving the slider to.

    Vector based shapes for automation sin, traingle, ramp, square etc with the ability to draw them in sync to the track quantize resolution. this will allow you to use automation in place of LFO’s a very handy trick for synths with limited LFO’s.

    This one is HUGE for me, I need a time stretch tool like Cubase SX’s. Its fast and easy to use. Basicly you take the end of your recorded audio and just drag it to the proper position and the program automatically time compresses or stretchs the audio. Samplitude’s implimention is the fastest I have ever seen (and it still sounds great)

    A hotkey combination ( I think its CTRL K in cubase) that allows me to input how many copies of a part I want. So I can create 16 or 100 copies in one step.

    When you select a region using the segement tool and delete it everything after the end of the deleted selection shifts over to the left. It kind of defeats the purpose a bit (unless I have been using this tool wrong all these years)

    Support for external fader controllers like The MotorMix, Mackie HUI, Steinberg controller etc. This is pretty important to a lot of people it makes adjusting levels pan etc so much easier as well as automation.

    The program doesn’t seem to automatically pick up the automatable parameters from a VST. I know that Cubase and a number of other programs do this, and it would make things a good deal easier.

    If it wasn’t for the video’s I would have never figured out how to get sound out of this thing, you might want to work on making it easier to get started.

    Great work! I think that you will soon have a sequencer that will be able to compete with the big three Cubase, Sonar and Logic . Programs like Trackition just dont compare to what you have done here.Anyway thats it for now, I am going to play so more with the program.


    Hi Dustyny1,

    Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you can see some potential in Podium. Many of your suggestions are already included in the Future Development topic. I’ll add some of your other suggestions to the plan a little later.

    Also I dont understand why soft synths are bounced in real time

    Offline bouncing is on the plan.

    Why have two seperate tools for select and move, its a waste of time and space

    The move tool also selects. The select tool is only used if you want to avoid accidentally moving around tracks/events when you navigate the interface. If you don’t like the select tool, just remove it in the Profile properties.

    Maybe I am missing this, but I MUST BE ABLE TO PREVIEW AND IMPORT A WAV

    Currently you drag wav files into Podium, open an object list (Ctrl+L) and drag the sound objects onto tracks. Wave file preview and direct wave file drag onto tracks are planned.


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